Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas tour time!!

It is almost Thanksgiving which means it is time to get the Christmas decorations out, right?  I completely agree!  Also, bring on the Christmas crafts!!  I have been crafting and creating all weekend.  I.can't.stop.  Let me show you what has been going on over here.

Here is our dining/sitting room.  

This is the best spot for drinking a pot cup of coffee.

 See that wreath on the window up there?  Coffee filters, foam wreath form and hot glue.  That is all it took.  I LOVE it!  I think I am going to make like 10 more and that is totally doable with my little buddy helper that painstakingly hands me each and every coffee filter while I man the hot glue gun.

I rearranged our gallery wall.  I don't know if you have seen those wooden signs with all the reindeer names on them in those nice barn wood frames but I have and I wanted one SO BAD.  What I had on hand was a giant black canvas and a thrift store gold frame.  The canvas was not a chalkboard but after testing the chalk marker I knew I could make it look like one.

I rubbed the chalk over the canvas, wiped it off, wrote the white names in chalk marker and then used red paint for the Rudolph.  Yeah, my frame was too small for the canvas but that did not stop me putting the two together.

And because I am turning into a grandma, I had to display some doilies on some embroidery hoops and threw those up there too.

 Get to Target's dollar section and get yourself a $3 Noel pillow.  Now.

After moving the fireplace to this wall, it is like a whole new experience decorating this surface because it looks totally different!

 I have big plans for making this fireplace look more permanent and less just bought from the store and placed there, but that is for early 2016.  Dad, what are you doing in early 2016?  Just asking, no reason;)

Now, while you are at Target buying all the $3 pillows they have left, pick up some Phillips Dew Drop string battery lights with self timer.  These are AMAZING!!!  I plan on using them all winter even after the Christmas decor is taken down.

These trees are from the Target dollar bin as well.  I placed them in some tin buckets, strung them with dew drop lights and added "stars" with some little chalk board signs I also got in the Target dollars bins at the start of the school year.

Moving on to the other side of the room...

I tried to keep it pretty simple here and just did some garland I got from Hobby Lobby 2 seasons ago, glass + berries, milk glass, cake stand and chalkboard (of course).

The other side of the buffet I hung some of my vintage bulbs on drop cloth that I pinned over my huge coffee sack art.

I have a few decorations in the kitchen but that room is in such flux still, I am not going to show that room right now.

Lets head to the living room instead...

I FINALLY stopped stringing my lights on my tree like and amateur this year!  I am embarrassed to say I truly did not know that you should string it from "in and out" instead of "side to side".  You have to use a ton more lights but the effect is worth it!  I also added a string of bigger bulb lights.

Yes, we have some strategic placement of items around the tree for some gentle reminders for the blind dog in our house to  STOP and not run into the tree.  She is still getting the hang of this, poor girl.

And for my favorite spot in the house right now, the floating shelf above the TV.  I hung an old metal sled my MIL gave me up on the wall, put up some Craftshop signs, garlands + lights and a few other accessories and this is what I get to stare at when we are watching TV.

All time fav.

This holiday decorating got me taking a close look at some of my walls and I realized I have a lot of patching and re-painting ahead of me this January.  For now, I am just going to ignore the disaster going on behind the decor and enjoy the season by buying my family matching elf pajamas, secretly singing and dancing to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" and spiking my egg nog, heavily.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Holy cow, how is October almost over and this is my first blog post this month?!?  Oops.  Don't worry, I have not been sitting idle!  I am still training for my half marathon on November 7th.  But I sustained a second injury during this training period (weak legs) so I have to take it easy for a week.  Hoping to get a few miles in tomorrow and ease back into it.  Today would have been a perfect day for a run, but instead we headed to a local pumpkin patch.  This year, we went to Eplegaarden in Fitchburg.  

From the moment we arrived until the moment we left, we got to listen to this one saying, "PUNKINS!"

 She was dressed in my most favorite outfit of hers right now.  Thankfully, we got some cute pics before she fell down like 147 times and got all dirty.

 The hubs, so strong.

 Obligatory family photo...

 The lighting was tough today.  Not easy to get good pics with noon sunlight.

 This guy.  I don't know when his smile started looking like he was in pain but that is what it is right now.

Obligatory cousin photo...

They had some horse drawn wagons there and Sully was brave enough to pet the horse with some help from cousin Ava.

Obligatory mother/daughter photo...

She was trying to slither away from me.  Sneaky little snake.

This lady has her "cheeeeeese" down pat:)

Obligatory father/daughter photos...

Auntie enjoying some baby Justine time...

My heart skips a bit when I see my nieces and nephews interact with my kids.  Especially the older nieces and nephew.  The kindness and interest they show in my kids are nothing short of amazing and I am so grateful.  They have no idea.  My kids are so very lucky to have such amazing cousins on both sides of their family.

Picking the perfect pumpkins...

Obligatory brother/sister photo (fail)...

Obligatory mother/son photo...

And lastly, me and my two "punkins"...

Now to finish making their Halloween costumes.  

I am done with the little lady's costume but possibly traumatized her when I put it on her.  It was TIGHT!  I had to cut it off her and add ties to the back so it is easier to get on and off, assuming she lets me put it on her again.  *sigh*  Pics to come!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Tour

I typically don't post a fall tour on the blog.  And apparently, I am the slowest person in the blogosphere to do so.  I posted a lot of my fall decor on Instagram but thought I would just blog it too.  Sometimes I like to go back and see what I did in years past.  I shared the changes I made to my half chalkboard wall in the living room yesterday here.  So I will start with the other side of the room.

 See the cat photobomber I tried to unsuccessfully crop out?

Yes, the "THANKS" is completely wonky and tapers and not straight but this year, it is all about embracing imperfections (at least that is what I am telling myself and my family).

I am kind of obsessing about pillows recently.  Accumulating them and making covers for them.  I made the leaf ones out of a 4 pack of napkins I got from Marshalls or Kohls, I can't even remember which, and some drop cloth.  So I made 4 pillows total.  The pillow obsession is quite silly with two littles around who continuously throw them on the floor then proceed to trip on them and fall into coffee tables.  Oops.

Heading up to the dining room...

 Apparently feathers are the prominent fall decor this year at my house.  I bought a bunch at Hobby Lobby and strung them up on twine, threw them in centerpieces, put them in bottles and gobblets.

I was pretty pumped to decorate my new table and shelves this year.  Love decorating new surfaces.

We had to have a Halloween section of the house (maybe I ran out of acceptable fall decor and maybe I did it for the kids, I will never tell).

And here is the other side of the buffet...

 I usually don't bother to incorporate any fall decor in our bedroom but decided to go for it this year.

 Yep, I posted a "night" picture on the blog- gasp!  And I have yet to add height to the hubs bedside table but it is on the list.

This most adorable pinecone garland is from Target and I love it!  

So that is the fall tour.  There has been some musical pillows since I took these pics but I am calling it a day on the fall decorating!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chalkboard wall update

I am still loving my half chalkboard wall and want to show you what I did to it today.  This wall had always stumped me a bit as to what to put on it, which is why I chose to paint it with chalkboard paint.  More options.  I have been really wanting to hop on the wall paper band wagon but my hubs is not on board and I am just not confident enough to follow through anyway.  But, to get a patterned look on the wall, I decided to draw a pattern on my chalkboard wall.  So I took everything down and wiped off the stuff I had written.  I found a pattern I liked on Pinterest.  Then I crafted some makeshift "tools" to get the job done.

Thats right, I taped an old photo envelop to a level.  High tech, I tell you.

 Then I needed an angled "tool" so I drew a line on the photo envelop.

And cut down the line.

I taped another photo envelop to the angled on as kind of a spacing guide.  Then I went to it drawing angles.

You are correct.  They are not perfectly even or spaced but that is what I was going for.  Imperfect pattern.  Next, I decorated the wall.

I love it and it only took about 40 minutes!  Winning!

Coming soon, my belated fall tour.