Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas-izing and house pillows

Phew, it has been crazy around here!  We hosted Thanksgiving and it also happened to be this little man's 4th birthday:)

And this little one's first Thanksgiving...

Getting some loving from Great Grandma:)

It went great and it was awesome to be able to host.  Big thanks to my loving family that traveled several hours to be here and celebrate with us.  You made one little man and his Mama very happy:)

You can bet the next day was mission: Take down fall and Christmas-ize.  Which translates to Christmas/Holiday vignettes on every.single.surface.

 This is by far my favorite vignette this year. Love everything about it (I normally would not even put that nutcracker out but Sul helps me decorate and that is where he put it and threw a fit when I moved it, so that is here is it staying). 

 Kraft paper runners?  Yes please!

 New stockings because now we get to have 4 of them:) Thanks to my MIL for making the cuffs for the stockings.  You may ask why I didn't hang the stockings on our fireplace.  I was freaked out that the kids would pull them down and pull the stocking holders down on their heads.  So this was my solution.  And no, the dog is not dead.

 Above the hutch in the kitchen.

Moving downstairs...

 Those little chalkboard signs are killing me.  Target dollar section for $3 for the pack of 3 of them this year.  Money well spent.  The Ho Ho Ho banner was from the Target dollar section last year.

Also, I could not stop making little Christmas/Winter moments under/in glass objects...

Like on the dining room table....

And downstairs bathroom shelf...

And upstairs bathroom mirror shelf...

Its a sickness.  I have more opportunities to make more of them but Sul won't let me use any more of his cars or houses from his Christmas village.  Sigh.

I know this post is getting ridiculously long but I also wanted to include the homemade gifts I made for the kids so far.  I try to make at least one homemade gift per year for the kids.  Yeah, I guess I am that mom.  This year, pillow houses!!

OMG, they are killing me!  I was not even going to make one for Sul but he saw the one I was making for Syd and he about flipped that he didn't get one.  I made his with a garage door and felt grass.  The fabric of his roof is from one of his dad's old shirts and the windows are from the cuffs of a different shirt.  The fabric on hers is from some of the fabric I used to make her crib skirt.  The upper left window has a lace curtain:)  I still need to stuff them a bit more and sew up the bottoms.  I will probably also add a pocket on the backs, just for fun.

Here are the backs...

I could make these pillows all day.  Too fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Hey all!!  I am sure you are all in Christmas mode and are not even thinking about January.  And I am with you on that but January 2015 is kind a big deal for our baby, Craftshop.  Our very first Craftshop will take place on Saturday, January 17th at 1 pm!!

Kaiti and I are pretty exciting.  And taking every opportunity to escape our children for a few hours conduct important business meetings about all things Craftshop to try to make this first session super successful.

We have been gathering materials, perfecting our methods and working out the logistics.

And in just 2 short weeks, we are opening the sign up for our first Craftshop!  So here is how it will work:

Go to our website

Go to the contact page and fill out an RSVP form and hit submit.

The first 10 people to sign up will be contacted with further info and an invoice via email.

Sign up will start at 6 am.  

We have some fun stuff planned and can't wait to see who wants to take part in our first Craftshop!!