Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh Tannenbaum

Now that the birthday madness has subsided, it is on to Christmas decorating.

I have lots of Christmas decorations.  But I just was not feeling brining out all the same stuff that I have been using the past 5+ years.  I needed something fresh and different this year.  But mostly, something simple, not over the top.

I was in luck.

As fate would have it, my MIL Subes had 3 boxes of her mother's vintage Christmas bulbs and was wondering if I would like a few as the rest she was going to take to Goodwill.  No, those bulbs would never have a chance to see the Goodwill shelves.  They were all coming home with me.

I decided that this year, my Christmas decor was going to be beautifully simple and focused around these fantastic bulbs.  I tied some ribbon in place of the hooks for hanging them on the tree.

Then, I put up my two trees, one in the downstairs living room and one in the dining room.  I decided to try something a bit different with the dining room tree.  I hung the top two sections of the fake tree I normally put in that room from the ceiling from an anchored hook.  Why?  Honestly, I did not want to have to keep the boy away from two trees and the place I normally put that tree is where we store the high chair when we are not using it and I had no where else to put it.  If I hung part of the tree from the ceiling, I could lower the high chair and still store it in the same spot, no problem.  Here is how the two trees evolved from just lights to final product:

I even had some bulbs left to put over the sink in the kitchen...

And some more for a tray in the dining room.

And just for funsies, here is the dining room table and our stocking scape...

The only thing left is put up Sully's little tree in his room and we are ready for Christmas!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


The boy turned one year old today.  We had a little party to celebrate.  I apologize in advance for the ridiculous amount of pics in this post.

Here is the birthday boy helping me get ready for the party this morning...

Sully is totally into balls, especially throwing them at one's head, so a ball themed party it was...

The little "man kitchen" is the handiwork of my awesome parents.

Thank you Kluz family for the birthday Monkey!

The kitchen was a BIG hit!

Sully's crowd...

The proud parents...

Poor kid, hardly got any presents...

It was just after the present opening that he took his first 2 steps!!  I have no idea how I managed not to have my camera for that, but I have about 25 witnesses to corraborate my story.  This is so Sully, he is such a ham and he totally would wait until he had a crowd around him to take his first steps.  Too funny!

And then it was time for singing and cake.  I was not sure how he would do with the cake as he does not like to touch anything wet or sticky but he did very well.

After the party, he had some balloon fun.

But then I realized we never got a family pic!  Foolish!  No worries, just set up the tripod and set the self-timer.  Phew.

 And here is the aftermath, a happy boy playing in his mess of new toys!

Thank you for all who were able to acknowledge this special day for us.  Thank you for making it special.

Happy birthday little Mister- here is to many, many more!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

One year eve

Dear Sullivan,

On the eve of your very first birthday, I find myself categorizing, organizing and filing away the memories and pictures in my mind of your amazing year of firsts.  I am carefully filing all these away in a bright, shiny, golden box.  I put it gently on the shelf in my mind to pull out at a later date.  This week I have also been stashing away a few tears here and a few tears there, making sure to hide them so no one finds them.  Because they are not tears of sadness but tears of pride and joy.  Enjoy your last sleep as a baby.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


In the spirit of this holiday season, it is only fitting that I acknowledge all that I am thankful for this year...

I am thankful for my beautiful baby boy and wonderful hubs.

I am thankful for baby boys who sleep through the night (7 nights in a row now-YEAH!!).

Although traveling with a baby and dog seems like it will take more energy than I have, I am thankful I will be spending the holiday with my family and that I have a loving family to spend it with.

I am thankful for red wine.

I am thankful for my new iPhone.

I am thankful for my health and the health of all my family.

I am thankful for a job that challenges me and that I enjoy.

I am thankful for my stay-at-home-mom Mondays.

I am thankful for those who chose to fight to protect our country and their families who sacrifice so much.

I am thankful for surviving my first year as a mother.

I am thankful that all my friends and family love Sully so much and that so many of them will be able to celebrate his first birthday with us.

I am thankful for all the experiences I have had as they have made me the person I am today.

I am thankful for amazing friends.

I am thankful for DVR.

I am thankful I am not 8 1/2 months pregnant this Thanksgiving (3rd trimesters are NOT for wimps!).

I am thankful for my 8 followers (although I know more than 8 people read this blog).

I am thankful my cholesterol medication is working.

Finally, I am thankful for my most wonderful, challenging, joyful, emotional, happy, sleepless year I have ever had.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Sin City

Well, it is that time of year.  Its the holiday season.  Which I love and I love to decorate for. 

Normally, the hubs is very against decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving but I went ahead anyway on my day off yesterday.  I set up my Christmas village.  I refer to it as Christmas Sin City as there are only bars, a casino, bowling alley, deli, police and ice skating rink in it. 

And here is our village troll.  Oh, doesn't every Christmas village have a village troll?  Maybe your troll still has his hat.  I need to make ours a new one.

And here is the giant baby terrorizing the town...

On a side note, yes, it is genetic.  The infatuation with iCarly, that is...

The kid won't watch Sponge Bob but iCarly is completely captivating!  To both father and son.