Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birth Month

November- do you think it was made just for my little family?  Ok, maybe not but it is quite an important month for us.  You see, it is the month we have all made our debut into the world.

First came the hubs, at 1:02 pm on November 13, 1979.  He is the youngest of 4 kids.

Then, 5 days later, I arrived at 4:53 pm on November 18th.  I am the oldest of 2 kids.

And 31 years later, Sullivan James joined us at 5:27 pm on November 27, 2010.  He is an only child so far.

Sully was not supposed to be here until December but I am guessing he wanted to be just like his parents and have a November birthday.  I have seriously debated whether to institute cake for dinner every night in November to celebrate our month but I decided against it as I would probably be deemed an unfit mother and terrible wife in addition to packing on several more pounds.  (Maybe just cake for dinner starting the 13th and ending the 27th...maybe)

I have been busy planning this very important 1st birthday for the little man.  Invites went out friday, I finished the large bunting banner last night and now I am planning the menu.  I also picked up some plates, napkins and other little decorations yesterday.  I would love to show you the invites and the finished banner and the other decor but you will have to wait until after the party!  No peeking!

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