Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kitchen update update

 I am a moron.  I mean, who the heck does not take appropriate before pics when they plan on doing a BEFORE and after blog post???  This lady, apparently.


I just got the urge to go for it one day (Easter sunday) and could not possibly stop to take some pics before I started ripping off the doors.  Anyway, I do have a pic of the cabinets when I photographed the new microwave install.

It gives you a good idea of what they looked like and just how dark they were.

These are the only pics I have of the other part of the kitchen.  Obviously taken after the cabinet doors were removed.

All of the contents were then unloaded and piled up on the dining room table.  Then the real work began.  Sanding of the doors and frames.  Wipe them down.  Prime them, let dry.  Ship two of the doors off with my dad so he would cut out the inside panel and get some cool glass installed.  Apply first coat of paint, let dry.  Apply second coat of paint, let dry.  Apply satin Polycrylic, let dry.  Attach hardware (I got new hinges which needed new holes drilled in the doors and new drawer pulls but used the same door pulls).

I was a huge process that took about 3 weeks.  I used the technique and steps laid out on this blog to avoid those pesky brush strokes.

I used a Kilz primer and a Dutch Boy paint in "Thin Ice" which is a very pale grey.

 Poor Turbo, has no idea where she is...

 Yes, the white appliances look ridic with the new color of the cabinets but they will be all replaced soon enough.

 Close up of the Nicaragua, I mean Niagara, glass panes.

Sorry about the picture quality on some of these.  I had to use my standard lens and I am not very good at it.  I think the the cabinets turned out great and it is much more open and bright!  I love it...but this has only led me conclude that we need to replace our counter tops and install a backsplash like now.  I already know that I want a white subway tile backsplash and I am heavily leaning toward a dark soapstone counter top.  And then I may decide to paint the walls too, you know because I have so much time on my hands and all.

Up next, moulding to the tops of the cabinets!

Sunday, May 11, 2014


There is no "holiday" that tears me up more than Mother's Day.  I can barely read the cards at the store before my vision becomes fuzzy and blurry with tears.  I just can't hold it together.  It all started during my pregnancy with Sully.  I thought it was just pregnancy hormones that had me fast walking out of Target wiping my eyes only to get to my car and ugly cry after reading 5 Mother's Day cards.  But every Mother's Day since then, the same thing has happened.  I used to think it was funny to get my parents super mushy cards on Mother's Day and Father's Day as to leave them all choked up and red-eyed.  Now I try to get nice, simple, to-the-point cards.  Because, frankly, I just can't get through them without being in a puddle of my own tears.

Take the "card" I got from Sully this year.  Card is put in quotes because it was 2 pieces of lined paper that Clayton wrote Sully's responses to questions on.  It read:
Dear Mommy,
My favorite part of you is your foots.
(illegible scribble)
I also love your eyeballs.
I love that your are fun.  Here is a truck:
(illegible scribble)
I liked when your teached me about lightning.
(illegible scribble)
And taked me to the zoo.
(illegible scribble)
I love you.
Happy Mother's Day.
(illegible scribble)

I could have broke out into an ugly cry after that but held it together as to not alarm the poor child.  I don't know, something must be wrong with me...

Or maybe I am just incredibly honored to be a mother.

To join an elite group of women that have helped shape, nurture, care and love me.

Four generations: Caroline, Denise, Tara and Sydney

I could not be more blessed to have such fantastic role models.  Add to them my aunts, sisters-in-law, mother-in-law and my amazing group of friends, and I have to be the luckiest woman on Earth to be surrounded by so much love.

Motherhood has humbled me, frustrated me, given me joy, cut down my confidence then built it back up, exhausted me, given me meaning, made me question all kinds of things about myself, given me more patience than I ever thought I was capable of having, made me laugh, broken me to pieces and then built me up stronger than I have ever been.  It is tough.  Everyday.  But that's OK.  It is not supposed to be easy to love so deeply and unconditionally.  To love tiny tyrants like these:

To allow them to walk around with your whole heart.  Because surely they will bruise it, drop it on the floor a million times, get it all sticky, bury it in the sandbox, cough directly on it, drool all over it and them trip on it.  Your heart takes a beating.  But in the end, it is stronger, bigger and more full than it was before.  Than it ever could have been without that beating.

Thank you to all the mothers, grandmothers and those women who love like mothers.  Thanks for taking a beating.  Thanks for hanging in there when it was really hard.  You are doing an amazing job.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014


It is only 2:30 pm and we have already had a fun-filled day.  I knew we were in for some adventure (and drama) when Grandma Denise and Papa Don came and brought cousins Jack and Jerry.  (We missed you, Harlie!!)

 Signature Jerry smile.

 Heated game of Hungry Hungry Hippos in which Jerry kept winning and Jack declared him a cheater.

And then it was time for the zoo...

 "And we're the 3 best friends that anybody could have. We're the 3 best friends that anyone could have, we're the 3 best friends that anyone can have and we'll never ever ever ever ever leave each other."


 "And we're the 3 best friends that anybody could have. We're the 3 best friends that anyone could have, we're the 3 best friends that anyone can have and we'll never ever ever ever ever leave each other."

 Ready, Race!

 Jerry's favorite:)

 Lovin' life:)

 Daddy and his girl.

 Sully: "HI porcupine!!"

The boys had a great time.

Then there is this one...

Little Miss EverythingIsFunny.

Things kind of fell apart when it was time to leave but eventually all children, shoes and adults made it successfully into the carseats and cars.

Not included in the photo documentary were the sandbox debacle, hunting for "mysteries" with flashlights, Sydney talks and sleepover forts.  It was a FULL 24 hours.  I need a nap.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

3 months!

Dear Sydney,

I met you for the first time 3 months ago.

And what a fun 3 months it has been.

We are your own personal 3 person fan club.  Cheering you on for your smiles and coos.

And you are quick to reward us.

You are pretty laid back and content, as long as you are fed and held.  You are quite the Mama's girl right now.  And I am loving it:)

You and I have had several conversations already.  You are going to be a talker like your brother.

You are still nursing great!  I can get you to sleep for about a 3-4 hour stretch in your rock n play in the evening and then the rest of the night you end up with me.  By some miracle, you slept in your rock n play for 6 hours one night.  Never happened again:)

Everything has been easier with you.  I am really able to enjoy every minute.

We can't wait to see what you will do next.

And if you can, could you look at your brother more (like 95% of the time)?  He really needs you to do this as he needs to know you are paying attention to him.  You will see how much attention he needs;)

Unfortunately, you are not a huge fan of all the attention he gives you.

I am sorry about that.  He just loves you so.  And, well, he is your brother and brothers are annoying when you are young.

Anyway, thanks for the amazing past 3 months.  Hope you are liking us just a little bit, too.

All my love,