Hey, its me, Tara.  I grew up in central Wisconsin and now reside in the Madison area with my hubs and little boy, Sully.  We also have a dog, Turbo, and cat, Lita.  I am a Nurse Practitioner and work full time outside the home.  I am fortunate that I actually enjoy my job.  I love decorating, crafting, DIY projects and entertaining.  I also enjoy perusing the local thrift stores and garage sales, but I won't get up early to hit the garage sales- I am too lazy for that.  I am continually adjusting to my new role of mother and some days it is a challenge.  I am also venturing into a new hobby, photography.  This blog follows my trials, failures and successes as a wife, mother, crafter, amatuer photographer and home decorator.  I am glad you are here, please feel free to offer up your comments as I would love to hear from you!