Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yes, I can blog about the happenings of the Sullymon all day long.  But what projects am I up to now, you ask??

The guest bedroom redo.

The before pics (I apologize for the grainyness and overall crappy picture quality.  The lighting was horrific and I refuse to use my flash)

I had already started step 1 before taking these pics, removing the base trim.  This revealed a lovely pink and white striped wall paper.

Really, the room is not terrible, but I need the room to serve more of a purpose than a guest room.  It sits unused most of the time.  It is right off of our living room in our lower level.  I would like to use the space for an office/craft room/play room and guest room.  It is a tall order for a relatively small space.  So what am I planning?

-I LOVE the wall color so I won't be changing that at all.  However, I will be painting the bottom half of the the wall with the window with chalkboard paint.

-Writing with chalk over carpet is a bad idea.  So I will be ripping out the old gross carpet and replacing it with laminate wood floors.  I ordered a few boxes of this from Home Depot.  It will be delivered to my door sometime this week.

I plan on reusing the trim so I wanted something that might blend well with the existing trim.  We will see how good an eye I have when it arrives.

-Add color.  New curtains and a new quilt for the bed.  Ok, not a new quilt but a new-ish quilt.  I have a great basic store bought quilt that is beige on one side and white on the other.  The problem is, it is boring.  I saw these pre-cut hexagons at JoAnn fabrics and I have been making flowers.  See below.

If you think this looks like a tedious project, it is.  I plan on sewing the flowers to the pre-made quilt randomly.  In my head, it looks amazing.  I am hoping real life does not disappoint.  

-Office in the closet with custom shelving.  I saw some of these on Pinterest and LOVE them.  

There is a lot more in store but I don't want to spoil the surprise.  You will have to wait for the reveal.  This will be much more intense a project than my bedroom refresh.  It is going to take some work but I plan on using the space quite a bit so I feel the time and effort will be well worth it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

16 months

Dear Sullivan,

You are now 16 months big.  You are into everything.  So curious to see/know how this big world works.

Being outside is something you need, you love it.  Exploring the yard, finding little rocks and pebbles that are just your size for eating, falling into the only muddy spot in the whole yard, fighting Turbo for her balls, watching me dribble the basketball and shoot hoops.  You are amazed and so very curious.

As much as I worry and hover over you, you don't really need it.  You are very independent and you thrive on adventure, my little Sagittarius.  You do very well at daycare without your Mama holding your hand all day.  And they so adore you there.  You thrive on the energy of the other kids.

But at home, you are my little snuggle bug.  You enjoy being held, sitting on laps and just being close to us.  You sleep much sounder when you are sleeping in bed with your parents.  You are very affectionate and hug all animals, stuffed toys and babies.

You have taken to needing a blankie at all times.  you have always liked to sleep with a blankie to chew and suck on but now you prefer to carry one around with you most of the time.  We started calling you Linus.

Then there is the eating.  One day you will love hot dogs, mac and cheese, peas, beans, yogurt but the next day it is highly offensive to you.  You eat about one decent meal a day, and by decent I mean more then 3 bites of food.  Until you, I have never seen or knew of a child that hated fruit.  I have started giving you Pediasure at night and you have loved it 2 nights in a row!!!  Score!

You are completely obsessed with balls, cars, cows, mooing and quacking.  Your voice is so sweet and melts my heart.  You make me laugh out loud every single day.  Not a day goes by that you don't make me smile.

Best 16 months I ever had.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

While Daddy is away...

The hubs is on a little "mancation" so the boy and I headed to my parent's house on Thursday.  The weekend was very busy with lots of visiting, playing and new experiences.

Here is what we have been up to...

Testing out his new swing.

Being man enough to ride in a pink John Deere wagon with his friend, Lucy.

Testing out the bike wagon.  Slightly shocked.

Dirty shark...

Hugging George the cat.

Saying "kitty" a lot.

Enjoying a cat that does not hiss, scratch and bite.

Lucy lounging on her Bud.

Loving having a dog audience.

Hugging Lexi dog.

Running in the rain.

Cooking outdoors.

Laughing with cousin Jack.

Hanging out with Auntie Gina and cousin Jerry.

Loving his cousin Harlie.

Love from cousin Jack.

Boys, boys, boys...

Could Jack love his "Baby Sully" anymore???

Hanging out with Gamma.

On Saturday cousin Jack came with us to visit Beth and Bryson.  

We had lots of fun and cousin Jack did not want to see his auntie leave.  We reluctantly parted ways with a hard hug and a kiss on the lips.

Watching cartoons nearly naked.


Meeting Snickers the pony.

Saying "horses" lots.

Went to the park with Gamma, Great Grandma and Auntie Val.  Someone LOVED the slide!

 Meeting Elliot and Jayden at Gamma's house.

Also sprinkled in the long weekend was a case of pink eye, his first McDonald's happy meal, his first clear pronunciation of Turbo, rock eating and lots of toddler referee-ing.

I am spent.