Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friend's Kids

It is funny how life comes full circle.  How you go from being that little blond-haired kid who is buzzing around your parents while they host another holiday gathering, birthday celebration or get-together just because with their friends to being the ones who are hosting or attending another holiday gathering, birthday celebration or get-together just because with your own friends with littles buzzing around your heels.  It is so surreal.  It is so life.

We headed to Milwaukee this weekend for our friends' daughter's 3rd birthday celebration.

This one is included so you can see the shark in prime form.

For all of you that are freaked out about dogs around kids, don't look at this one.  No, Turbo absolutely did not bite him or grab his food out of his hand.  She was just ready in case he dropped something.

Just checking to see if any more boys are coming to the party...

 Checking one last time.

Not a boy, but she is a baby and he loves babies!

Sully hugs are too cute!

So gentle an interaction between these three.  Made my heart hurt.

And just how it is amazing and joyful to watch your own kids grow, learn and develop their own personality, it is pretty cool to see your friends' kids doing the same.  Just as you have a bond of love between your child and yourself, you also have almost an immediate bond between your friends' kids.  You see little glimpses, or lots of glimpses, of your own friends in them.  And life repeats itself.

 Yes, he dressed up for the party.  He didn't even know there would be a pinata!

Yes, he is surrounded by girls and lots of girl things but he is cool with it.  

The birthday girl.  Yes, she picked out her own outfit.

We lug our own kids' bubble gum pink antibiotic with us where ever we go.  We don't go out to the bar much these days.  We drink comfortably at home, surrounded by littles.  We go to bed earlier than we ever have.  We might be up 1-2 hours during the night because our kid won't go back to bed and then our dog is pacing.  And then we wake up super early to these little faces.

She is the only one who can get him to eat blueberries.  Also, note the proximity of the shark.

 Circle of life.

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