Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time Warp

As I was driving on the beltline after work on my way to pick up the little Mister, lost in my thoughts about my day, my patients and my gratitude for being pretty healthy in general, a funny thing happened.

"Open Arms" by Journey came on the radio and suddenly, I was transported back to high school.  I was my 17-year-old self again.  I was at Vern's cabin, drinking a Busch light and smoking a P-funk while sitting by a bonfire. I had no real responsibilities but to stay on my parents good sides and avoid getting caught for underage drinking.  I had no curfew, I had my own car and I had a great group of friends who I loved and they loved me.  Life was grand.

To be completely honest, I have not thought about that time in so long.  Nor have I thought of how it "felt" to be that person again, in that moment in time.  It feels like decades ago.  But suddenly, that song (and I really have no idea why that song did it since I can think of a handful of other songs that were more likely to be playing on the soundtrack of any of those nights) brought me back not only to that time but how it felt to be that person again.  It was the strangest thing.  I was in 2012 and 1997 at the same time...

Yes, it felt great to be that person again.  To be so carefree, so selfish and so independent.  (To have such a lively social life)

But before I knew it, the song wasn't even over yet, I was back in 2012.  I was driving on a busy beltline, on my way to pick up my son, having just left my job where I get to help people heal (or sometimes just live better with) their wounds.  And although it feels a million times different to be the person I am today verses the person I was then, I feels great to be me now too.

It is easy to get lost in the everyday.  To stop living it and to be just surviving it.  Simply going through the motions.  That is normal.  But I am thankful for my little time warp yesterday to bring me back to the present and what I love right now.

These two:

And cue the Sully picture show.

Learning to use a spoon...

A rare eating of fruit that is not applesauce.  Don't worry, he didn't have more than a few nibbles.

Mad that I am documenting this.

Open arms, baby.

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