Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yes, I can blog about the happenings of the Sullymon all day long.  But what projects am I up to now, you ask??

The guest bedroom redo.

The before pics (I apologize for the grainyness and overall crappy picture quality.  The lighting was horrific and I refuse to use my flash)

I had already started step 1 before taking these pics, removing the base trim.  This revealed a lovely pink and white striped wall paper.

Really, the room is not terrible, but I need the room to serve more of a purpose than a guest room.  It sits unused most of the time.  It is right off of our living room in our lower level.  I would like to use the space for an office/craft room/play room and guest room.  It is a tall order for a relatively small space.  So what am I planning?

-I LOVE the wall color so I won't be changing that at all.  However, I will be painting the bottom half of the the wall with the window with chalkboard paint.

-Writing with chalk over carpet is a bad idea.  So I will be ripping out the old gross carpet and replacing it with laminate wood floors.  I ordered a few boxes of this from Home Depot.  It will be delivered to my door sometime this week.

I plan on reusing the trim so I wanted something that might blend well with the existing trim.  We will see how good an eye I have when it arrives.

-Add color.  New curtains and a new quilt for the bed.  Ok, not a new quilt but a new-ish quilt.  I have a great basic store bought quilt that is beige on one side and white on the other.  The problem is, it is boring.  I saw these pre-cut hexagons at JoAnn fabrics and I have been making flowers.  See below.

If you think this looks like a tedious project, it is.  I plan on sewing the flowers to the pre-made quilt randomly.  In my head, it looks amazing.  I am hoping real life does not disappoint.  

-Office in the closet with custom shelving.  I saw some of these on Pinterest and LOVE them.  

There is a lot more in store but I don't want to spoil the surprise.  You will have to wait for the reveal.  This will be much more intense a project than my bedroom refresh.  It is going to take some work but I plan on using the space quite a bit so I feel the time and effort will be well worth it.

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Marzena said...

Cute flowers!I've seen some of those desks in the closet on Pinterest too and I love them. I can't wait for the reveal!!!