Tuesday, March 27, 2012

16 months

Dear Sullivan,

You are now 16 months big.  You are into everything.  So curious to see/know how this big world works.

Being outside is something you need, you love it.  Exploring the yard, finding little rocks and pebbles that are just your size for eating, falling into the only muddy spot in the whole yard, fighting Turbo for her balls, watching me dribble the basketball and shoot hoops.  You are amazed and so very curious.

As much as I worry and hover over you, you don't really need it.  You are very independent and you thrive on adventure, my little Sagittarius.  You do very well at daycare without your Mama holding your hand all day.  And they so adore you there.  You thrive on the energy of the other kids.

But at home, you are my little snuggle bug.  You enjoy being held, sitting on laps and just being close to us.  You sleep much sounder when you are sleeping in bed with your parents.  You are very affectionate and hug all animals, stuffed toys and babies.

You have taken to needing a blankie at all times.  you have always liked to sleep with a blankie to chew and suck on but now you prefer to carry one around with you most of the time.  We started calling you Linus.

Then there is the eating.  One day you will love hot dogs, mac and cheese, peas, beans, yogurt but the next day it is highly offensive to you.  You eat about one decent meal a day, and by decent I mean more then 3 bites of food.  Until you, I have never seen or knew of a child that hated fruit.  I have started giving you Pediasure at night and you have loved it 2 nights in a row!!!  Score!

You are completely obsessed with balls, cars, cows, mooing and quacking.  Your voice is so sweet and melts my heart.  You make me laugh out loud every single day.  Not a day goes by that you don't make me smile.

Best 16 months I ever had.


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