Monday, October 28, 2013

Spooky, but nice

Last night we carved a pumpkin with Sully.  Mark one more first off the list!

He LOVED it!  He thought it was so cool...

He just could not believe how messy it was...

 I decided pumpkin carving was more of a "daddy activity."

To be honest, this was done very quickly before the Packer game yesterday so there was some urgency involved.  I guess that is my excuse for how this turned out.  But then again, if you know my hubs and his "art work", you know that this is right on:)

He also could not get over the fact that there was "fire in there."

So proud:)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Full Weekend!

We had a very busy weekend around here...along with more firsts.

First up on Saturday morning, I took Sully to the clinic and we got our flu shots.  He did really well with very minimal crying.  I was a proud Mama.

Then we participated in the Madison Area Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk on Team Harper's Heartbreakers!  It was our second year participating and it did not disappoint.  It is amazing to see all the people that come to support this community of people and families.  Bucky and the UW band lead the walkers around the Capitol building (aka "the castle" according to Sul).  Then there is a bounce house, band, face painting, crafts, auction and lots more in the Monona Terrace.  The band is definitely a highlight, especially for little Miss Harper:)

The rest of the day was not quite this happy and joyful.  About 20 minutes after we got home, Sully and the hubs were goofing off and Sully was jumping on his bed.  Apparently Sully jumped backward and the back of his head hit his headboard.  I heard the bang and the crying but just figured it was another bruise to the head.  Then I hear the hubs calling my name saying there is blood.  I rush up to find the back of his head full of hair matted with blood.  I could see a huge gash and we knew he need stitches.  I grabbed a towel and held pressure to the area and the bleeding let up.  We took him to UC where the applied some topical numbing medicine, but it might as well have been water.

Next came the injections of lidocaine and the stapling and it went exactly how you think it would go when one puts staples in an almost 3 year old's little head.  It was awful.  I had him on my lap and hugged him as close as I could while the nurse held his head steady and the hubs held his hands down and the doc did the stapling, all with a giant, hot spotlight on us.  Honestly, I don't think it could have been any more traumatic for any of us.  Here is what it looks like today, after his bath.

After that trauma, we were all a little shot.  So we decided we all needed some ice cream.

  He is back to his old crazy self today, no worries.

Since this post is getting long and I have a Packer game to watch, I will share Sully's first pumpkin carving tomorrow.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pregnant + toddler

Although this is not my first pregnancy, it brings brand new challenges and obstacles that my first did not.  I think that pregnancy, in general, is a trying time for most couples.  There are a lot of adjustments, surprises and anxieties that accompany pregnancy.

And with this one, a toddler accompanies the pregnancy.  Yes, it is nothing short of exhausting.  Constantly feeling like you are navigating through some bizarre hostage situation controlled by a tiny human.  Always negotiating with them to eat something more that teddy grahams and granola bars, wear a jacket or even a shirt for that matter and take a bath.  Don't even get me started on the bribery and elaborate reward system that you set up for an actual pee or poop on the potty (which has not yet happened for him but me and the hubs have accumulated lots of stickers and M&Ms).  It is a continuous stream of coaxing, encouraging and praising for good behaviors.

But there are also times that just make you laugh.  Like this morning, for instance.  There I was, in the middle of the kitchen just about to get Sul something for breakfast, no where near a bathroom, when I had the urge to vomit (as I have for the last 10+ weeks at least 1-2 times per week).  So I puked, well mostly dry heaved, right in the sink.  Sully was right next to my leg saying, "you puking?"  "Yeah," I choked out between heaves.  Approximately 5-10 seconds later he says, "You done puking yet?  I need something to eat!"  After the puking incident when I was getting him his Cheerios he says, "Next time make sure you puke in the bucket."  Ok buddy, I will try next time.

"Mom, mom, mom, get a picture of me eating."

In the beginning of my pregnancy, his daycare providers would tell me that he would tell them that he was tired and sick and had to lay down.  I was not announcing my pregnancy yet so I really could not tell them he was saying this because that is what he heard me say everyday.  I am not going to lie, we spent many a Monday watching episode after episode of Team Umizoomi, Dora and Bubble Guppies.  Oh well, we both survived just fine.

And now I am on to embellishing onsies, decorating baby girl's room and getting Sul used to the idea of having a baby sister.  He often times says, "our baby" and it melts me.  Like, "is this where our baby is going to sleep?" or "this toy is for our baby."  Sometimes he will come up to my belly and pat it so tenderly, I nearly cry.  I can't wait for these two to meet and see what their relationship will be like.  In some ways, it is even more exciting that waiting for your first child.  Anticipating and imagining the interaction between the siblings is so unexpectedly fascinating.

Obviously, there will be bumps along the way between them.  Sul already is reinforcing this with his occasional and nonchalant attempts to injure me and baby with his perfectly thrown spiral football that is aimed directly at my belly or when he just randomly comes up to me and hits my belly just to see how I will react.  Yes, there will be fights and arguing and teasing between the two.  But I hope that more than all that, there will be love.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Patchin'

We are right in the heart of fall so it is pumpkin patch time.  Sully has hated the pumpkin patch every time we have ever gone.  



I was hoping that we weren't going to have a three-peat.  It went pretty well, besides the fact that he turned into the biggest Mama's boy on Earth.    

We opted for a smaller, lower key affair this year.  This was the easiest, least teary cousin pic EVER!

And then we were off to take a tractor ride and pick our pumpkins.

Very upset that his Mama was off the wagon to take a few pics.

He loved everything about the tractor ride.  At one point though, he said, "Hang onto me.  Don't let me fall."  No problem dude, I gotcha.

Running through the patch, looking for the perfect pumpkin!

Looks like Sean found his!


 How did my nephew get to be 14??

 Last pumpkin patch as a threesome!  (And yes I see my "pregnancy face" is rearing its ugly head)

We then rode the wagon back and went through a small "haunted house" and that was it.  Perfect for toddlers.  The day was rounded off with chili and Packers and naps.  Fabulous fall day.

Monday, October 7, 2013

It's a..........

This little nugget was less than cooperative today when we were trying to get a pic of the goods.

But after about an hour and a peek from the doc, we had our answer.

  Please don't judge my hugeness.  I can't help it, I am great at growing babies once I get pregnant.

We were given a 99.9% chance it was a..........


We are thrilled!  I can't say we were super surprised.  She has been less than nice to her mother over these past 20 weeks.  The hubs and I both had a strong feeling it was a she.

Come February, Sully will have a baby sister.  He knew it all along!

Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Convo with my toddler...

Before I actually became a parent, you know when you dream of daisies and how super easy it will be to rear a completely polite and grateful little mini-you, I would dream about how fun it was going be to have those early conversations with your toddler.  The ones that are sort of stream of consciousness and you just never know what is going to come out of their mouth next.  The ones that leave you giggling.  We have been having these for months now and I decided I need to start documenting these because someday, probably not long from now, I am going wonder what we talked about.  Here is one.  (It is kind of long)