Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Patchin'

We are right in the heart of fall so it is pumpkin patch time.  Sully has hated the pumpkin patch every time we have ever gone.  



I was hoping that we weren't going to have a three-peat.  It went pretty well, besides the fact that he turned into the biggest Mama's boy on Earth.    

We opted for a smaller, lower key affair this year.  This was the easiest, least teary cousin pic EVER!

And then we were off to take a tractor ride and pick our pumpkins.

Very upset that his Mama was off the wagon to take a few pics.

He loved everything about the tractor ride.  At one point though, he said, "Hang onto me.  Don't let me fall."  No problem dude, I gotcha.

Running through the patch, looking for the perfect pumpkin!

Looks like Sean found his!


 How did my nephew get to be 14??

 Last pumpkin patch as a threesome!  (And yes I see my "pregnancy face" is rearing its ugly head)

We then rode the wagon back and went through a small "haunted house" and that was it.  Perfect for toddlers.  The day was rounded off with chili and Packers and naps.  Fabulous fall day.

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