Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kitchen update update

 I am a moron.  I mean, who the heck does not take appropriate before pics when they plan on doing a BEFORE and after blog post???  This lady, apparently.


I just got the urge to go for it one day (Easter sunday) and could not possibly stop to take some pics before I started ripping off the doors.  Anyway, I do have a pic of the cabinets when I photographed the new microwave install.

It gives you a good idea of what they looked like and just how dark they were.

These are the only pics I have of the other part of the kitchen.  Obviously taken after the cabinet doors were removed.

All of the contents were then unloaded and piled up on the dining room table.  Then the real work began.  Sanding of the doors and frames.  Wipe them down.  Prime them, let dry.  Ship two of the doors off with my dad so he would cut out the inside panel and get some cool glass installed.  Apply first coat of paint, let dry.  Apply second coat of paint, let dry.  Apply satin Polycrylic, let dry.  Attach hardware (I got new hinges which needed new holes drilled in the doors and new drawer pulls but used the same door pulls).

I was a huge process that took about 3 weeks.  I used the technique and steps laid out on this blog to avoid those pesky brush strokes.

I used a Kilz primer and a Dutch Boy paint in "Thin Ice" which is a very pale grey.

 Poor Turbo, has no idea where she is...

 Yes, the white appliances look ridic with the new color of the cabinets but they will be all replaced soon enough.

 Close up of the Nicaragua, I mean Niagara, glass panes.

Sorry about the picture quality on some of these.  I had to use my standard lens and I am not very good at it.  I think the the cabinets turned out great and it is much more open and bright!  I love it...but this has only led me conclude that we need to replace our counter tops and install a backsplash like now.  I already know that I want a white subway tile backsplash and I am heavily leaning toward a dark soapstone counter top.  And then I may decide to paint the walls too, you know because I have so much time on my hands and all.

Up next, moulding to the tops of the cabinets!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!!!! It turned out great. I absolutely LOVE those cabinets with the etched glass. Where did you find the glass? We are thinking about doing some sort of subway tile, too. Oh, how I love Pinterest:)

I can't wait to see what it will look like with the backsplash and counters. Great job, Tara!!!