Friday, November 18, 2011


At exactly 4:53 pm today, I will have been alive for 32 years.  Seems crazy but at the same time, seems normal. 

Turning 30 was difficult for me, I am not going to lie or pretend it wasn't.  It was. 

Turning 31 was, well, was uncomfortable at 35+ weeks pregnant.

But turning 32 has been....great.  I can't complain.  In fact, it has been my best one yet and it is only half over.  This morning I had a health screen for my insurance company and my cholesterol numbers were fantastic- the simvastatin is working!  Also, I was 3 lbs lighter than I thought I would be and that was with jeans and a sweater on!!  (I credit this to my elimination of soda from my diet the last couple weeks)

But more importantly, it was my first birthday waking up to this little joy...

And here we are in our jammies...

I mean, how can I complain about anything with that little Mister around.  What a silly guy, always making me giggle.

And at 32 years old, I have learned many, many lessons:

Birthdays are special and are worth celebrating.

No one can read your mind so if there is something that you want, desire, wish for, YOU need to make it happen. 

It is ok to take time, an hour, a day, whatever, to yourself.

Pedicures and manicures are occasionally necessary.

You should always take off work but not cancel your daycare on your birthday.

Now on to the rest of my day- a little Sully time then a much needed night out with the hubs!

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Andria said...

Happy Birthday Tara (a little late but I'm just getting caught up on my reader!). I hope you had a wonderful day!