Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Are you wondering how in the world things are going here with two littles??  To be completely honest with you, I was terrified of bringing baby #2 home.  My experience the first time was really difficult.  I was beyond emotional, in a lot of pain with a c-section incision infection and Sully was refusing to nurse making me stress out a lot about breast feeding.  I felt like I was so busy.  I don't think I ate the first week I was home and I honestly did not have an appetite anyway.  Between the brand new sleep deprivation which I was not used to and the bottle feeding and then pumping, I felt like my life had spiraled out of control and I would never catch up.  I would never have a string of moments to myself.  I was completely overwhelmed and wondering if I made the right decision in the first place to have a baby.  I felt totally inadequate to take care of this person and that this poor person deserved a mother who was competent to take care of him and not be crying hysterically multiple times per day over absolutely nothing.  I felt like I was drowning in this new life and I didn't like it at all.  

Obviously, as the weeks went on, I did gain confidence with experience and my hormones evened out.  We developed a routine and life evolved.  However, I was still nervous that I was going to feel like this after bringing home this baby and then have a 3 year old to take care of on top of that.  

Luckily, this experience has been a complete 180 from the first time.  

I had very minimal pain from the c-section.  There has been almost no random crying jags for no reason.  Breast feeding is going amazingly well, she is a star nurser.

She is a pretty easy baby.  There is still some sleep deprivation, but it is not so devastating like it was the first time.  Adding another little is not such a lifestyle change like it was the first time.

Big brother has shown no jealousy and is completely smitten with the new lady of the house.  He is eager to help with feeding, burping, bathing, changing and entertaining her.  

So we are doing pretty great here:)  I am soaking up this wonderful, but fleeting, time.  In fact, it is going so well, makes me want to do it again sometime...maybe.

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