Sunday, January 18, 2015


Well that Packer game was disappointing. What a letdown:(. In an attempt to block any emotional response to the loss, I immediately got to hanging my plates.

I have always wanted a cluster of plates on my wall (like for the past 3 years).  So I picked up several vintage-y plates of different sizes from 3 different thrift stores. At first I was just going to do white plates but after searching Pinterest, I was really liking the interest some color and pattern could give. Here are the ones I picked up. 

(please excuse all the iPhone pics. I didn't have time to properly photo document with my nice camera)

I was to eager to get these up on the wall so I didn't have time to get a bunch of plate holders and make it all professional and such. I saw this cool idea on Pinterest (where else?) and thought I would try it out. 

The Pinterest pinners used paper clips or safety pins but I had no paper clips and only one safety pin in my entire house(!). But I had a lot of those hooks that you can screw into your ceiling or wall and thought they would work fine. I also dismantled a few binder clips as well. So I gathered the number of "hangers" I needed and hot glued them to the backs of the plates. Then I cleared off the wall above my dining room table. 

(Never mind the birthday decor I started to put up for someone's golden birthday)

I started with the middle plate and and fanned out. Here is the end product. 

Yup. Love it. Ok, gotta get back to cleaning and redecorating before the depression sets in. 

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