Sunday, March 29, 2015


So here is the rundown of our little family vacay.  It was the first time we took a kid, much less two kids, on an airplane.  We were nervous but the kids on the plane turned out not to be our biggest issue with airport/airplane travel.  

Kiddos enjoying the play area in the Milwaukee airport. 

What was an issue was all our crap we brought with us... 

Three carry on suitcases, three "personal" carry on items and 2 ginormous car seats.  And let me tell you, you really want a cart for all this stuff!  But they are insanely hard to find once you get off the plane.  Like pretty much impossible to find and if you think asking airport employees will help, you are wrong.  Worst of all, we had to connect in O'Hare and had about 50 minutes between arriving and our next flight leaving.  So I entertained the kids while the hubs went on the incredible journey.

Surprisingly, kids love car seats when they are not actually in the car.

The hubs was able to find a cart and we loaded up and trekked across the airport for our connecting flight.  Only to find out after we got there, we forgot Sully's suitcase at the last gate!  The plane was already boarding once we got to the gate.  My poor hubs, he basically had to sprint back to the last gate and sprint back to our current gate.  By the time he got back, the door to the jet way was closed but they let him on.  Whew!

We made it uneventfully to Tampa and picked up our rental car and drove an hour to our destination. 

The next day, we headed to Cochina Beach on Anna Maria Island.  You guys, wow.  It.was.beautiful.

Crashing waves!

Watch out!  Shield your eyes!  Wisconsinites on the beach!

As you can probably tell, one year olds don't really dig the beach.

But chips and Grandma help make it tolerable:)

Thankfully, 4 year olds love the beach and the ocean...

Back at Grandma and Papa's, she is all smiles:)

My parents' neighbors had a sweet little pool and the kids really enjoyed that!

Syd getting all kinds of Grandma and Papa attention.

This guy lived up EVERY second of vacation!

Here is our next trip to the beach.  Could this kid be any cooler???

One year old toes not happy to be on the beach.

I can't hardly handle her suit.  And his goggles.

Searching with shells with Papa.


On Sunday, we went out on a boat to do some fishing.

Our catches for the day.

We rode around for a bit after fishing and look what we saw...
It was pretty special:)

The last day, we went to the Mote Aquarium.

Obligatory jellyfish photo...

Syd waving at all the fish...

This pic says it all, doesn't it?  They are hot, tired and kind of done.  

Our plane rides home went well.  Our only hiccup was when we were on the plane leaving Tampa and the hubs turns to me and says, "I think I left me phone in the airport."  Oops.  He sure did.  But after a few phone calls once we got home, and it was mailed to him.  He got it 2 days later so all is well.

I am so happy we went.  I am so glad we didn't let the fear of crying kids on a plane deter us from making these memories.  A special thank you to my parents for sharing their little piece of paradise with us:). 

A funny thing happens when you see your kids in unfamiliar settings.  You see just how vunerable and little they are.  How much they depend on you for so much.  It's humbling when you realize how much you are responsible for as a parent.  It's also kind of scary.  Scary and amazing at the same time.  Seeing the world through their eyes is exciting and new all over again.  It's great to remind ourselves that we share this Earth with other people and animals.  I am beyond grateful to be able to provide this opportunity to my kids. Now that I have been back to work for a whole day, I am eager to get planning our next adventure!

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