Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spillage, sponges and a shout out

Ups and downs.  Ins and outs.  Ebbs and flows.  Such is this wild ride of life.  Chuck full of highs and lows.  Plans that go accordingly and then the unexpected.  All you know for sure is what was and what is.  And it is only what is that seems the most important.

What is will fill you up and overflow right out of you.  Spilling its contents at your feet.  Until you are wading, knee deep, in either joy or sorrow.  Either one can be so viscous, you have a hard time moving forward.  Debilitating spillage.  What good is either if you have no one to help soak up the excess?

What good is joy if no one else shares your enthusiasm?  What good is sorrow if no one else can shoulder some of it for you?

Its been spilling out of me lately.  Literally, I am flooding the place (I promise I don't mean that I am peeing my pants:)).  But, I am so grateful for all of my sponges.  The big ones, the little ones, the boy ones and the girl ones, the ones that are related and the ones that aren't.  Thank you so very much.  

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