Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saturday Twinsies

On Saturday, we took the boy to Discovery World in Milwaukee.

Your standard forced cousin pic.

Sully was in awe, he walked around with his cute little jaw dropped most of the time and pointing out fish, dinosaurs, water and guitars the rest of the time.  Oh, he also fabricated some story of how his Auntie touched all of the guitars in the glass cases but he was sure to tell her, "no touch, Auntie."

Here is a ridiculous amount of pics...

 Awe face.

 Awe face.

  Awe face.



 See the photo-bomber?

The littles decided they needed to "call Grandma."

The toddlers did great but then mine started to melt so we headed out.  I had so much fun watching Sully take it all in.  Seeing new experiences through his eyes makes everything fresh again.  I can't wait for more.

It was only at the Brewer game later that we were called out on our accidental match-y outfits.  


I guess we have officially turned into that couple.  I am going to go look for some nice neutral gender nature-inspired and holiday sweatshirts and buy them in pairs.  We should be all set. 

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