Saturday, March 30, 2013

Egg Hunt

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about 
life: it goes on.” 

Sometimes life will throw you a curveball, punch you in the gut or just hold you in limboland. It is different for everybody.  But what is the same is that whatever it is that seemingly stops your world, life still rolls on and continues no matter what.  Time marches on, the sun rises and sets and the "right now" will only be here once.

And right now, it is the Easter season.  So off to an Easter egg hunt we went, with our "bucket for eggs."

The egg hunt was held in a huge greenhouse in our town which was fantastic because it is still a bit chilly and sloppy outside.

Sully saw this and said, "That's Raph.  That's not Donnie." Ooo-kay.

And he's off...

These parents were setting up some eggs for their little one when Sully swooped in and picked up one of the eggs.

We told Sully that egg was for that little boy and he so sweetly went over and sent the egg out for the little one to find.  I nearly bawled.

Don't worry, I held it together and we journeyed on...

Boy Wonder.

He kept a safe distance from the bunny.

It was here were the nugget decided he needed to go home and "drink some juice."  So we turned in our eggs and he got a bag with "candies and chocolates."  He was thrilled.  And it felt pretty good to actually pick up my camera again.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter.  Roll on, warriors.

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