Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Final Countdown

I just ask that you read this blog post with the Europe song streaming in your head...

With just over 4 weeks until this baby girl's scheduled arrival, I feel like every free minute I have I am making final preparations and tending to the small details in anticipation for her.  I am slowly crossing off all the to-dos on my list.

I had my last ultrasound on Monday which revealed baby girl was already 6 lbs 4 oz!  That puts her growth right on par with her big brother at that gestation.  Apparently, I grow 'em big and I grow 'em fast.  She will be a big girl if I hold out until the c-section.  (I only made it to 36 weeks 5 days before my water broke with her brother)

Her room is done with the exception of that damn "X".  I keep changing my mind about how I want to construct it.

The green bin is stocked with the tiniest newborn diapers:) 

 -William Shakespeare

I finished her quilt.  I love it!

I sought out a talented high school classmate to have her knit the most beautiful, soft, perfect coming home from the hospital outfit I have ever seen.  It is so sweet, brings tears to my eyes...

 Thank you so much Devlin Patoka!!!

It is heirloom quality for sure!

The baby book is started and her hospital bag is packed.

If you think it is easy to find a modern, not too girly baby book, you are dead wrong.  I gave up after months on the hunt and settled on this one.

The car seat base and car seat is installed in one vehicle and I am still searching for that other car seat base.  I am so "good" and finding hiding spots for things...

Half of my hospital bag is packed.

Big brother's gift is bought and wrapped.

Some snacks for the hospital have been bought.

It is almost time.

I can't wait to meet you, baby girl!


Tiffany B. said...

That quilt is freaking awesome!

Also... "The Final Countdown" definitely brings me back to the locker room. ;) It's obviously the perfect anthem for the days leading up to that little girl's entrance to the world!

a said...

The quilt is beautiful! I'm super jealous of that little people a-frame play set I spy sitting on the floor, too. I hear you on the baby book thing. I never found any for all three of my kids. I just have their stuff in bags with little scraps of paper with milestones and dates!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job on the quilt! The wall, too. Everything actually. It all look so awesome! I can't believe that your little girl will be here so soon. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes fabulously and labor is quick and easy! Good luck.