Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Campers

We had our 2nd Annual Wadzinski/Groth camping extravaganza.  Here was last year's fun.

This year, we went to Harrington Beach State Park right off of Lake Michigan.  Led by Cookie

in enthusiasm and continual comments of, "Hey, if could be worse!" whenever the rest of us found ourselves sulking about how gross camping is.

 Cookie's famous BBQ rib and baked potato feast.

Our little happy camper:)

This year was exponentially better for me because I was not 8 weeks pregnant and nauseated and pukey the whole time AND we had the littlest happiest camper along with us.  But don't get me wrong, it was still camping.  We constantly had to remind ourselves, "We are making memories for our kids" and "I remember LOVING camping as a kid."  Yeah, because camping as a parent is A LOT different.  And camping with a baby and toddler during a heavy rainstorm at night is not what I would call enjoyable.  But we stuck it out.

And we made memories for our kids.

And for ourselves.  At our campsite and on a beach on Lake Michigan.

Hunting for sticks.

And shells.

And pieces of driftwood to return to the waters.

Note the shirt:)

We roasted marshmallows and ate s'mores.  Unless you are Sully and the roasted marshmallow was "too sticky!  Waaaaaa!"  Then you just ate a marshmallow and chocolate graham cracker sandwich.  We sat around the fire, playing musical chairs to avoid sitting in the exact location that the smoke was drifting.

In the morning, Cookie made us breakfast burritos.

 And Sydney was still a happy camper!

The men went fishing and caught some rainbow trout while the ladies and kids went to a nearby park.

Later we ventured back to the beach to swim in the frigid waters of Lake Michigan.

 Where baby toes touch a sandy beach for the first time.

And waves are kicked, but not crashed.

And water is squirted.

And beagles roll in dead fish.

Poor Turbo didn't make the trip this time.  We thought it would be too tough for her but she got a nice vacation at her Auntie and Uncle Shagers house where she enjoyed many walks with Cousin Ava.

And we survived another camping trip.  I think the best part is coming home and bathing the kids then taking a shower and hanging out in PJs the rest of the day.  Nothing beats it.

Today I asked Sully, "Hey what was your favorite thing about camping?"
Sully, "S'mores and the fire."

I have two favorite memories from this camping trip-
1- baby toes on sand for the first time
2- lying in the tent next to Sully whispering back and forth about all subjects in life and then him telling me he missed Turbo:)

And suddenly my kids were making memories for me.

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