Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hello, Wisconsin!!

Now that I have my lovely entryway bench, I needed some pillows for it.  I made this pillow with a placemat I bought from Target.  

But it still needed more.  I knew what I wanted and I needed it to be durable since it was going to be in the entryway and that area sees a lot of traffic.  I remembered I had bought some dropcloth when I painted my kitchen but I never used it because I was too lazy.

I didn't want to mess with a zipper so I decided to made an envelope-type pillowcase cover.  I cut one piece for my front and then two pieces for the back (to make the envelope part).  I am not going to reinvent the wheel. I you want to know what an envelope pillowcase is and/or how to make one, Pinterest has that covered.

I decided to cut a Wisconsin state out of the front.  To get the template, I just pulled up a map of WI on my computer, traced around it and cut it out of a piece of paper.  Then I laid it on the pillow front and traced it.

And cut it out.

Then I pinned a piece of duck canvas to the back of the pillow front so that when I flip it over, it is covering the WI cutout.

This was left over from my ruffle while making the ottoman cover.

And then I used my awesome good-enough sewing skills to sew it into place.

While I toil away on projects, this is what my little shadow is doing right behind me.

"Mom, these markers smell good!"

Ok, ok.  Back to the pillow...

Then I cut out a little red felt heart and sewed it in the general area of Madison.  After making my back envelope, I sewed the front and back together and stuffed an old throw pillow in it.  And there you have it.

Love.  Wisconsin.

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