Monday, May 18, 2015

Plank project

Hey all!  I have not posted in over two weeks but I assure you, I have not been idle!  I finally caved into the planking trend.  What better place to try it out but in a small, very doable space, my downstairs bathroom.

It is a small bathroom and I didn't think I was up for a full room plank yet.  So I decided on the back wall, or what looks like the back wall when you look into it.

(I apologize in advance for the yellow-y tone is some of these pics but this is a tricky room to photograph due to the placement of the window.  I have to have the light on or the pics are super dark.)

 See that big window grid with fabric on it next to the toilet?  Yeah, that is covering up an awful little secret.  Lets just say it involves a rookie homeowner and a can of texture spray.  

I tried to get a closer pic of the "texture" below.

 So I removed the towel rods and shelves and toilet paper holder.   I decided I wanted my planks about 7" after doing some math so I could get the strips precut and I would not have to trim any of them the long way.  Then I measured how many I would need at each length and went to Home Depot.  I picked several large sanded 1/4" ply wood sheets and the Home Depot guy was nice enough to cut them for me.  Side note:  if you are going to have them cut these for you, DO NOT GO ON A WEEKEND!  I made the mistake of not getting enough cut the first time (because I was not sure I was going to do the wall behind the toilet and had to go back for more).  The weekend crew was too busy and aren't super happy to make a ton of cuts for you.

Back at home, I painted my planks (highly recommend this step) before putting them on the wall.  I wanted a little contrast between the planks so I chose to keep the wall color as is instead of painting it white.  I painted my planks with the generic Behr paint+primer white.  I think it is a non-color but whatever.  It is nice and bright.  I used it on my board and batten in my entry way and liked it so I used the same on the planks.  Once those are dry, I applied a caulk adhesive the backs like so...

Then I placed my first plank up at the ceiling and used my pneumatic nail gun to nail it on.  (I started at the ceiling because I was going to just put my trim back on and figured if I messed up on the math and had to cut the plank the long way and use my jig saw, the trim would cover up the not perfectly straight cut I would have to do.)  I did not try to find the studs at all (thank you for saving me that step, Allie).  And thanks to the blogosphere, I found out about the nickel trick to space my planks.  See below.

 Place a nickel between the planks and your spacing is done.  Nail it on and move on to the next plank.

 Forgot to pre-paint a few of those little pieces.  

I caulked at the ceiling and where the board met each other and along the shower.  I was almost done.  But I wasn't digging how I messed up caulking the seams were the walls meet.  Some of the caulk got stuck between the planks and it looked sloppy.  So I decided to use a little piece of trim were the planks meet the walls to cover up any imperfections.  You don't have to do this step but it was really bugging me so I had to.

Here is what I mean.

And here is the little piece of trim I used in the corners.

I still have to fill the holes and paint it but it cleans it up nicely.

I also placed this edging on the ends of the wall but the window and the toilet wall.

 I filled the holes on the planks and touched up the paint.  Then rehung the shelves, towel rods and toilet paper holder and there you have it!

 I have a few other decor changes that will take place in here but for now, I am very happy with it!  I think I will plank a half wall in my craft room with my leftovers.  I was not anticipating the texture of the planks to be quite so rough so I think I will sand the leftover planks myself and then white wash them for a little different look (translation: I am too lazy to go buy new paint to paint them solid white and I don't need much paint to white wash a few of the planks).  Stay tuned for that project!

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Benita Roberts said...

I think this turned out great! I love the look...much lighter in this room!

Mama Bird said...

Thank you, Benita!