Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I admit, my number of failings as a daughter to get an anniversary card out to my parents are more than I would like to admit.  I take it for granted that they are still together, happily.  I know so many couples of all ages that grew apart and divorced or are still living together but don't really like each other.   But not these two...

Yes, they truly are this fun!  They love to laugh, spend time in their "Peace of Paradise" in FLA or their "Shangri La" in WI and spend time with their kids and grandkids.    They are open and generous loving and kind.  My dad is a homebody but my mom likes to go places.  They are both creative and enjoy building and crafting.  

Sometimes they are a bit different or unconventional.  Like they don't mind living in trailers and have an outdoor shower and an outdoor fire place. 

Like all marriages, I know not all the years have been easy.  They worked hard for so many years to provide for my brother and I.  They modeled what hard work is and what it will get you.  They provided us with a warm home and many memories of family vacations.  Two vacation memories stand out the most:  a camping trip in which Crystal and I heard, "You hungry Buck?  How 'bout a brat?" at 2 am (I know this makes absolutely NO sense to most of you, and that is ok) and a road trip to FLA were my parents thought it was a great idea to drive all the way there in their Chevy convertible WITH THE TOP DOWN!  My childhood was filled with parties full of my parents' friends and their kids.  Games of kick the can and Pictionary.  You will never meet two parents who are always on your side, always rooting you on and encouraging you to do anything you dream of.

Thirty-seven years ago they got married.

Thanks to my Aunt Janet for digging up these relics;)

Since then, they built an amazing life.  A life that produced two houses, two kids and 5 grandkids.  A life that they love.  Together.

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!  Here is to many, many more fun years filled with laughs!

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Keya Braunel said...

Tara! This totally made me cry...happy tears of course! What an amazing tribute and you said it so wonderfully! Happy Anniversary to two really awesome people!