Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Dear Sydney,

I don't know how this happened but you are 14+ months old.

 Easter 2015

It seems nearly impossible that I am the mother of a 4 year old and one year old!  You are quite the little smarty pants.  I'm scared for what is to come when you are a pre-teen...

But lets not get too ahead of ourselves.  Lets focus on what you are doing right now.  Right now, you have finally decided, at just under 14 1/2 months, that you are going to be a full time walker.  Prior to this, your preferred mode of getting around was the ever popular knee walk.  Now we just need your feet to grow to fit into all the cute shoes you have!

But what might even be more exciting is your language development.  You are right on the verge of a vocabulary explosion!  Everyday brings new words and sounds.  This past Monday, you added "poop" and "blue" to your repertoire.  And on you started making the sound "ssssss."  I just know Sully is on the tip of your tongue.

Speaking of Sully, he loves you so much.  So, so much that he just can't keep from bugging you:)  Sorry but it is only the beginning of a long brother/sister bickerfest.  No worries, I have no doubt you will put him in his place very soon:)

My sweet baby girl, everyday is fun and new and exciting.  I am enjoying seeing life through your eyes just as much as I did seeing life through the eyes of your brother at your age.  You are social and silly and so darn smart.  How lucky and blessed could one Mama be?


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