Saturday, April 11, 2015

Headboard Reveal!

Hey everyone!  I am finally getting around to showing you my headboard reveal. As I told you in my last post, we got a new king sized bed a few months ago and it prompted a removal of the dark wood in our bedroom. Which was a huge job because there was a ton of it!  If you follow me on IG, you were teased with this pic a few weeks ago...

I recruited my handy parents to help me:)

I was crushing on all kinds of upholstered headboards all over Pinterest and knew I could may my own. I started with plywood for the base. I actually had to get it in two separate pieces because I could not fit one large piece in my car. At home, we laid them out and attached them together with a 2X4. This also served as part of the cleat that holds the headboard to the wall. I apologize for my lack of pics to show you the process step by step.  Blogger fail:(

After attaching the plywood together, we brought it in the house and laid a layer of quilt batting over the front of the board.  Then we laid the velvet fabric over the batting.  Then we had to flip the whole thing over and staple the batting, then the velvet to the back of the plywood, all the while stretching the batting and fabric taut.  Once the fabric was stapled, we flipped it back over.  I had to decide where to put the decorative nails.  Right along the edge?  Or on the front right next to the edge?  My mom suggesting placing the nails about 6" in from the edge and about 2" apart so that is what we did.

I got the decorative nails and rubber mallet from JoAnn Fabrics.  Once the decorative nails were in, we stood back and had to adjust a few of them that did not seem to be in line with the others.  Then we attached the headboard to the wall with a 2X4 cleat that we drilled to the studs.


If you are super observant, you will see I removed the yarn from the deer heads a replaced the bedside tables with flea market finds.

I also added a DIY sunburst mirror to the wall next to the window.

Pillows.  They are a big deal.   You need to have the correct pillows.  I didn't have any king-sized pillows at first and it didn't look very lush.  I bought 2 king-sized pillows and then put 3 regular sized pillows in front of them.  There is a body pillow (tan) in front of those and then 3 decorative pillows, that I sewed myself, in the front.

Kind of in love with this little doily pillow:)  I just cut my fabric, which I found in a tote in the basement, to a length to make an envelope pillow, sewed the doily on with my sewing machine and then sewed up the edges and placed a pillow I already had in the envelope.  Easy, pretty and free!

 Note:  My early 20's self would be cringing right now knowing I made a doily pillow for my bed.

The other two pillows were made with my favorite remnant fabric ever.  The fronts are with the remnant fabric and the backs are drop cloth.  These are envelope style as well.

From this...

To this...

Time for a nap!

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