Sunday, May 5, 2013

Making a Terraium, Part 2

Step 8:  Now that the boring, necessary part is done, let's move onto the fun part.  Decide on and gather your decor items.  Instead of gnomes, butterflies or fairies, I decided to go a bit more fun.  


A zombie terrarium is right up our alley.  But where on earth do you find the perfect scale zombies, you ask yourself?  Amazon, of course.  I did scour the toy stores in the area but they didn't have anything I could really use.  So Amazon came to the rescue.  I actually ordered these months ago in preparation for making my zombie terrariums but I am sure they are still available if you type in "zombie figurines" in Amazon.  They cost maybe $10?  

Step 9:  Decorate!

This first one is of some farming zombies.  

They are pretty surprised by their cow.  I am not sure why.  I got the tractor and well from Hobby Lobby in the doll house section.  I got the little cow at Ben Franklin (yes, there is still one of these in existence).

Next up, just two buddy zombies and their truck.  Just hanging out, like zombies do.

It is possible that the sun is killing that one.  Don't worry, I brought them in, away from the sun, right after I took these pics.  The truck came in the same pack as the tractor, from Hobby Lobby.

And finally, some Florida zombies, hanging out at their trailer, with their gold convertible, collecting shells.

The car is a Matchbox car, I had the shells and I crafted the trailer from a cardboard little box, piece of tin and some sticky foam.

Step 10:  Stand back and enjoy (and hope they survive);)

Another option for decoration are these cute gnomes.  I also found these at Hobby Lobby, in the garden section.

The possibilities are endless!  Enjoy!

This project is linked up to TDC!

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