Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Facelift

You know how when you move into a new house and there are so many things you want to change but then time gets away from you and you start to get used to all the things that you could not stand and you just live with it forever?  Well, that is what happened to us (ok, me) when it comes to the outside of our house.  We did mulch the flower beds several times in the 8 years we have lived here but that was the extent of our outdoor home improvements.  

But it was time for some updates.  Here is what the house looked like on Saturday...

I never was a huge fan of the hunter green on the shutters and front door.

And these light fixtures were hideous!

Step 1: Enlist your parents to come help.

Step 2: Remove old shutters and power wash the house (thanks Dad!!)

Then let your toddler get disgusting dirty in the mud puddles...

Step 3: Power wash shutters and let them dry.  Then prime and paint.  We used Rustoleum Primer and then Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2X in dark grey gloss for the shutters.

Step 4: Put shutters back on the house.

Step 5: Weed, spray, lay down landscape fabric and mulch.

 So lucky we had such a good helper:)

Step 6: Paint front door.

We removed the inner door and spray painted it with Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2X in Chestnut brown in gloss finish (2 cans).

Then sprayed the door frame with Rustoleum primer (1 can) and then Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2X white in gloss finish (1 1/2 cans).

After primer...

Step 7: Change out old, lame light fixtures with new, motion sensor ones.  I got these at Menards for $40 a pair, score!!

Step 8: Add drain spout extenders.

Step 9: Install tire swing.

My Dad added some rope as well as the chains to support this 4X4.  We thought this would be the best way to hang the tire swing so it would not ruin the trees.  There were a few nails used, too.

Step 9:  Stand back and admire your "new" house!!

From this...

To this...

I am so impressed!  We did this in 1 1/2 days, 3 trips to the hardware store and 2 beer runs.

Oh, and my Dad fixed the bottom left side of the garage door that was falling off, too.

I think we need to have a party.

Linked up to TDC before and after party.


Andria said...

Looks awesome!

Anne said...

I can't help but laugh at the birdbath in the before shot. It looks so funny all uneven like that. Love it!

Your makeover is spectacular and the smile on your toddler's face as he plays on that swing is priceless.


Ashleyncola said...

Wonderful job! We just repainted our shutters and front door too. It was an easy project that made a big difference.

Take care!
Ashley @