Sunday, June 2, 2013

Toddler Art Gallery

I have more toddler art than I know what to do with.  To be honest, some of it winds up in the trash.  But there are those few pieces that one particular pint-sized artist is very proud of and I was not sure exactly how I should display them.  I did incorporate one in our built-in shelf wall by Mod Podging it to a canvas...

I love it but I don't need one on every shelf.

After moving his crib out of the room and moving in a low chair (that folds out into a small bed) I had some wall space just begging for some fun...

Pay no attention to the unmade bed and pile of blankets next to the chair.  Its real life, people.

I saw an idea on another blog.  So off to St Vinny's and Goodwill I went, looking for some frames cool enough to house some masterpieces.

Here were 3 of them that I found...

I took them apart, wiped them down, washed the glass and went out to find the right masterpieces for each of them.  You could certainly paint them but I decided to leave them as is because there was another frame in the room in a similar hue.

But wouldn't you know it, I didn't have one big enough for my favorite frame, the oval one.  So I put a certain someone to work...

 By the way, one of your old t-shirts works great for a painting shirt.

 I painted that lame picture that was in the frame white and let it dry first.

 He was a little too obsessed with the brown which he referred to as "chocolate."  It was pretty hard to steer him away from so much "chocolate."

 And because I pick my battles, this is what the paint now looks like.

And with one final dramatic stroke of the brush, he declared, "Its done!"

And after letting it dry for a few hours, I assembled the pieces and up they went...

The other wall, just for funsies.

I can't help myself, I am a pattern and cover-every-square-inch-of-open-wall-space freak (thanks Mom!).

Happy Sunday Funday!

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