Thursday, June 13, 2013


It may already be well known that I have an addiction to finding and collecting vintage Fisher Price Little People toys.  However, I recently went on another eBay bidding spree and snagged 3 new buildings with accessories.  I am working up to a whole village and then someday I will have one room in my house devoted to having it set up full-time.  Too much?  Anyway, I came home to a big box on my doorstep today and seized the opportunity to use it to bribe my child into eating a somewhat balanced dinner: small bowl of spaghetti, 3 squirts of applesauce squeezee in the mouth and some cheese and crackers.

Then we opened the "present"

 A children's hospital...

 "He's on the roof."

 Yes, that crank is for an elevator.

 And an A frame...

 Complete with rug, full kitchen, fireplace, glass sliding doors, dinner bell and a variety of decks and balconies.

I could not pass up the A frame because it reminds me of one of our annual Kosloski/Groth weekends, as in the one last year, when we lost our dog.  But is was still super fun and the neighbor, whom is also good friend of the Koslos, lived in an A frame so we did spend a good amount of time over there and swimming and fishing off of his dock.

There is still one more gem I am waiting for but I had to share these immediately!

PS- Have you watched the movie Behind the Candelabra yet?  I am pretty sure the Michael Douglas deserves an award.  He was fantastic!

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