Monday, June 10, 2013

Curtain Crazy

There is something about curtains that I think are so comforting.  They soften a room and add more dimension as well as height and color.  Now I realize that curtains are not for everyone, but in my house, I simply cannot live without them.  Yet another quirk of mine.

Even better, blinds + curtains...

 I apologize for the crappy quality of some of these pics. By no means do I have any idea how to take room pics and I don't own a wide angle lens.

I got these lovelies from World Market 1-2 years ago.  Apparently they did not have enough detail so I added some pom pom fringe.  I have an addiction to embellishments- there is more evidence to come...

The curtains in our living room are also from World Market.  And yes, I did add the ribbon trim embellishment.

We will be replacing this stupid french door with a sliding door this summer or fall.  I can't wait!

Finally, these curtains in my craft room I made from one curtain from Pier 1 that I cut in half and added some length to the bottom with more fabric.  

There are only 3 windows in my house that do not have curtains, two in the living room that have wooden blinds and one in the kitchen that has a bamboo shade.  Yeah, we like it dark.  I also have a hubs that is convinced that the neighbors have nothing better to do than to gaze into our windows at all times of the day.  Either way, we are both more comfortable with lots of window coverings.

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