Saturday, May 4, 2013

Making a Terrarium, Part 1

Looking for a Mother's Day gift?  How about a DIY terrarium??  Alright, lets get started....

You will need:

-glass vessels
-little rocks/pebbles
-potting soil
-sheet moss
-small plants (ferns and mosses)
-decorations (don't get me started on this today, that is why there is a part 2)
-activated charcoal (only if your glass vessel/container is closed, not open)

Step 1:  Wash and dry your glass vessels.

Step 2: Put a layer of pebbles/little rocks (and if your vessels are closed you will need to mix in some activated charcoal in this step which will help prevent mold) in the bottom of your glass vessels.

Step 3 (optional, not necessary and probably detrimental to the project but looks pretty):  Add a layer of sand.  If you have a toddler handy, get him to help.

Step 4:  Add a layer of sheet moss.

 Yes, a lot of alcohol is needed for this project.

Supervisor hubs.

 Step 5:  Add at least an inch of potting soil.

 And do it with a smile:)

Now just stand back and look how pretty it is already.

Step 6:  Add your plants and then top with more potting soil.


Step 7:  Add some moss.  I used a combo of the sheet moss and some Chartreuse moss I found.

Notice that I left a space for a "scene" in all of the terrariums.

Ok, so that is it for the first part.  Tomorrow, the decoration will be added.  I made these for my mom, MIL and myself for Mother's Day.  I figured I would make them a week early to see if they survive before I give them away!  Stay tuned for the most fun part ever!

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