Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Behavior Modification

The 3's have come in like a lion and are going no where fast.  I was really hoping that Poppy could help us out a bit here, but no such luck.  In order to save what sanity I have left, I was desperate to cut down the amount of whining, tantrums and negotiating I was doing on a daily basis.  Near the end of a particular trying day, I texted my friend Kaiti that I was just not sure how much more 3 year old drama I could handle.  She responded with solutions, which I wasn't expecting.  I was just expecting some fellow mom camaradarie, like "yeah, damn kids are ruling our lives!!"  But actual solutions are much better!

One of the solutions was to try "Bucket Fillers."  I had never heard of this so naturally, she had to explain it to me.  The basic concept is that you fill a bucket (or other container) with objects (balls, papers with compliments, rocks, whatever) when the child exhibits a behavior that is favorable.  Conversely, you remove an object when the child exhibits an unfavorable behavior.  When the "bucket" is full, the child gets a reward.  I had nothing to lose, so we are on day 3 of this.

Here is our bucket (small mason jar) and filler (felt balls).

Why did I decide on a jar with felt balls?  Because I already had them and we needed to start this IMMEDIATELY!!

So far he has a few balls in his jar from peeing on the potty, having a good day at Grandma's house today and listening to his parents.  A few more were added tonight after a very nice dinner helper effort and easy bedtime routine without crying. 

We are trying to get this first jar filled up fairly quickly to get him his reward as to give him more incentive to keep filling up the jar.  His reward is going to the Dollar General (his favorite place ever) and picking out a toy.  The toy can even be above the $5 shelf!!  Exciting!!!

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Anonymous said...

You will have to let me know how this works. I, and probably Dave more since he stays at home with him, have also had many trying days with Asher and he isn't even 3!!! Now that we have taken away naps so that he goes to sleep before 10pm, it has been difficult. We may have to try this and see if it works.

I love the felt balls. I don't have any lying around but I should run to the store and get some. Good luck:)