Thursday, December 5, 2013

7 Days of Poppy

We have an Elf this year.  His name is Poppy.  He is interesting, I am still trying to figure him out.

 He was pretty excited about the tree.

 Then he took a wild ride on a fox.

 Which apparently got him super dirty so he needed a bath.  Sully was not sure that he wanted to share his duck with him but I talked him into allowing it.

 He felt pretty spry after that bath and was up for some acrobatics.

 Which apparently got his bowels moving...

 Which got him curious about Slash...

 He spent 1 1/2 days reading this.

St Nick came tonight.  He is peaking at all the goods.

I can't wait to see what hijinks he has planned for the rest of the month.

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Anonymous said...

I love the potty one!!! This is our first year, too and I'll have to set up Happy to do that one of these days. We've only just begun this and I already feel lazy about him. But the other night he was eating a cookie and last night, he TP'd the house. But there is still 18 days to go!!! Keep posting your ideas because I plan on stealing some :)