Friday, December 13, 2013

"Santa I want a dinosaur toy" and more Poppy

Tonight was Sully's school/daycare Christmas program.  It was his first year actually participating and it was adorable.  I have some crappy video of it on my iPhone and may try to get it on the blog but it was not the best angle or quality.  You may just have to take my word that it was so stinking cute.  After the little story and a few songs, Santa made his way into the room.  I was shocked to see my tiny son had run up to him and was first in line to sit on his lap.  It kills me just thinking about it!  Mr Fearless.

 Yes, his nose is red since he was one of the many Rudolphs in the program;)

Santa, "What would you like for Christmas?"

Sully, "A dinosaur toy" (this kind of threw me for a loop since he already has a dinosaur but I guess he wants another one)

When the hubs asked him what he asked for from Santa, Sully was sure to tell him a dinosaur toy.....and a dragon.  I don't remember him asking for the dragon but now he has convinced himself that he has so I guess I will be going shopping this weekend.

Afterward, he needed to look outside for the reindeer and sleigh but all we could find was the tracks.  He claims to have seen "lots of Rudolphs" in the sky on our way home.  Gotta love it:)

In other holiday news, here is what Poppy has been up to....

 More acrobatics.  He is such a show-off.

 Then he started a countdown to Christmas.

And had to have Santa read him Twas the Night Before Christmas.

 Then he had a staring contest with Birdface.  At least I think that is what is going on here.  But I can't be sure.

Then he decided to show up Sully with how fast he can fill up a jar with felt balls.  I guess I owe him a trip to Dollar General.

 BTW, the jar filler for behavior modification seems to be working most of the time.  Not 100% because the kid is 3 and he has his moments but he really does "get it" and tries to model good behaviors so he can fill up his jar.

But then we found Poppy in the dinosaur's mouth this morning.  I guess the dinosaur did not think that he deserved all those balls that were in his jar.  Or he just likes Elf.

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