Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chalkboard anything

Chalkboards are trendy right now.  Which is a good thing because I really heart them.  This is a project that I have been wanting to do for awhile but have been too lazy to get done.  These are two good examples of things you can put chalkboard paint on.  

First up is this...

You all have them.  Ugly, dirty doors.  this one is in our kitchen and leads to the garage.  It is white and gets so dirty.  And I am too lazy to ever clean it so it just sits there dirty.  Mocking my laziness.  It was time for a change.  And while I have the paint out, here is another idea...

That is the paint I used and then I just eye-balled a rectangle on my glass container that is holding Turbo's chewys.

I then taped off the edges around the door and got started.

This pic is for all of you people that get all freaked out about projects not looking so great when you start them and think you are doing it wrong.

The door looks terrible with just one coat of paint.  You are not doing it wrong.  Keep going.

 I could not get a clear pic of this for the life of me!

I put 3 coats on the door and 3 coats on the rectangle on the glass and let dry for 2 days.  PS- take the tape off when the paint is still slightly wet.  Trust me, you won't end up taking some of the paint off with the tape, especially if you really gobbed it on in some parts.

Then you need to prime the chalkboard with some chalk.  You need to rub the chalk on using the side of a piece of chalk.  I read somewhere that if you use a big, thick piece of sidewalk chalk, you won't end up going through like 14 pieces of regular-sized chalk.

I used this piece of Sully's chalk.  Don't tell him.

Here is my rectangle on the glass primed.

 You eagle eyes will notice that some of my chalkboard paint bled under the tape.  I will scrape it off with a straight blade when I get around to it.  

And now the finished products...


Yeah, its an odd saying.  Lets just say the hubs had something to do with it:)

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