Monday, June 23, 2014

Kitchen update and pantry project

So here is what the kitchen looked like when I last updated you.

Since then, my dad added the crown moulding.  I chose something called "cove" at Home Depot.  I had to be careful not to get something that stick out too far or it would be weird in the areas where it met the staggered cabinets.  I then caulked and painted the moulding.  I also touched up the painting of the cabinets.  I still have to get the last coat of Polycrylic on them.

We also staggered the cabinet above the fridge but I didn't take a pic of that for you.  We are debating about replacing our fridge now or waiting until next year when we can just replace all the remaining appliances together.  I think we are leaning towards that unless our fridge stops working before then (pleasepleaseplease).

Now onto the easy but much needed pantry project that I did the last day and a half.  It has pained me to look at the darn pantry.  You would think it would be great to have a pantry.  And it is but it was not functioning quite right.  At all.

The shelves were too deep and everything would get lost.  I had no idea we had an unopened peanut butter or three bottles of EVOO.  Basically it was a hot mess and it was driving me crazy.  So I emptied it out.

Removed the shelves.

Removed the upside down trim that was holding the shelves in place.  Then I had to paint it white to cover up the peachy-flesh color (that had covered every inch of wall space of that level of the house when we moved in).

Next, I measured and traced a level line for my shelves.

I found the studs and drew a line down to intersect my horizontal shelf lines.  (See all my holes where i was looking for a stud?  No worries, it was covered by a 1 X 2).  Also, when I proudly informed the hubs I found the 3 studs that run against the back wall of the pantry, "Hey, I found 3 studs!"  Hubs, "Nope, you found 4."  Weirdo....

Got the back 1 X 2s on.

And then the right side.

And then the left.

I wasn't sure if it was ok to cut the particle board down into L shapes for new shelves.  So I called my dad and he said yes but they may not be strong enough.  I decided to give it a try.  So measured out 10 1/2 inches for my L shelf.  I cut the shelf with our jigsaw.

I put it in to see if I liked it.

Duh!  forgot to account for the 1 X 2 in the back.

So I measured the long part of the L for a shelf depth of 11 1/2 inches.  Much better.

The Foreman- made sure I took lots of play and feeding breaks;)

Ta da!  The finished product!!

Plastic bag holder from iKea.

I feel like spending some quality time in there now!  I love it!

Up next, my dad is coming this weekend.  I plan to have him install some wood doors on the front that open from the center and swing out.  Then I will install some shelving/baskets to the inside of them to store spices, baggies, tinfoil, etc.  Can't wait!

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