Monday, August 15, 2011

Name Bubbles

The name bubbles are here, the name bubbles are here!!!!  I saw these name bubbles when I met my friend's baby, Eleanor, for the first time.  I thought they were great and my friend told me she got them from the website Name Bubbles.  As soon as I got home, I jumped on the website and designed Sully's name bubbles.  They came a week later.  Here they are!

So I immediately gathered all the things I wanted to label.  These are great if your child goes to daycare or if you are often around other babies who have the same bottles, snack dispensers, etc.

Sully even "helped" (and by helped I mean drooled on everything while looking super cute).  The great thing about these name bubbles is that they are waterproof.  Supposedly they stay on through hand and dishwasher washings.  I am a little skeptical about this but I am going to try it out.  These will also be great when he goes to school to label his lunch box, etc.  Have a great Monday!


Susie said...

Sully looks so happy. Typical male...has marked his turf :)

Carol Harris said...

Yay!!! I had a feeling Sully's icon would be a guitar. Ellie's labels are still on after many trips through the sink and dishwasher. No clue on whether the laundry labels stay on though.