Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Boys and Baby Dolls

Sully was bored with sitting at home on Monday, so we took a drive.  I decided we wanted to quickly browse through south towne Goodwill since I am always looking for old, cool furniture.  The minute I pulled into the parking lot I saw it.  The most perfect, beautiful little white baby doll crib I have ever seen.  It was out on the sidewalk in front of Goodwill as part of a display that was set up outside.  I was immediately drawn to it.  I slowly walked past it, staring at it and saw it was only $2.99?!?  What a deal!  I tried to push it out of my mind as I headed into the store (after all, I have a little BOY, not a little GIRL).  Once inside the store, I actually found the perfect 1970s end table for Sully's room so I brought that up to the counter.  Wouldn't you know that I forgot my wallet in the car?  As I quickly ran out to my car, I couldn't resist it a second time.  I ripped the tag off of the crib and had her to ring that up for me as well when I went back into the store.  I left with these two items:

As I drove away with the baby doll crib in my car, I thought "I can give it to one of my friends who has a little girl."  But I truly loved the little thing already and it pained me to think I would just give it away.  Then I thought, "I will keep it in case I have a little girl of my own someday."  Yeah, I will just keep it, in case.  But then I thought, why do I have to keep it "in case"?  Why can't Sully play with it?  Why can't a little boy have a baby doll crib?  If little girls practice being "mommys,"  why can't little boys practice being "daddys"?  So I decided it will be Sully's baby doll crib.  When I got home and told the hubs about it, you would have thought I told him I was going to start feeding the kid marbles.  He thought it was weird and a silly idea.  What do you think?  Is it weird?  If so, why?  I am I crazy, wrong, silly?

Anyway, here is where the 1970s table found a home (I would have thought I would have NEVER actually bought a table like this a few years ago as I am sure there was a time when one could not wait to get rid of such a thing.  I think most of my parents friends had an end table or two like this.)

Fits in perfectly!


Kaiti said...

He can play with it. And when he is sick of it....I'll take it!!! I'll even pay you the $2.99!!

aag said...

I think it's sweet and it's important for every kid to learn how to take care of littler kids.

Susie said...

I totally agree with you, Tara. Sorry, Clayton :)

Candi said...

I think it was a great buy! And it doesn't matter that Sully is a boy. It can be a great tool to be used for nap time purposes in the future as well. When it's nap time, you can show him that his stuffed animals or dolls need a nap as well and he can be the one to place them down for a nap when he needs to take one. In a childs eyes, they feel they are going to miss something if they have to take a nap. This way, he can feel like he isn't the only one that has to go to sleep. I used this technique on my daughter, Samantha as well as my niece. I give your buy an A+!!!!!