Saturday, July 30, 2011

Garage Sale Saturday

I was able to escape the house by myself for a bit this morning.  I was not planning to stop at any garage sales but they sucked me in.  What if there was an amazing deal to be had?  Currently, I am on the prowl for toys for the Sullymon since he gets bored quickly and I need to have a good rotation of fun toys for him.  This is what I came home with.

Lots of toys and a sweet Polaroid camera ($2!).  I only spent about $17.50 on all these treasures.  I am drawn to toys from my childhood and toys that you can't just go out and buy anymore.  I had to get that stand up thing since the little Mister will be standing in no time and he obviously needs a stand up piano-type thing to conduct masterpieces.  The best part is you can adjust it for a baby lying on the floor or sitting (see below).

See?  Perfect!

I am especially obsessed with the old generation Fisher Price toys.  I think they are so cool and vintage-y.  I got a ferris wheel one from a garage sale earlier this summer.  Problem with these toys is that they are never in good shape because, well, they are toys and played with a lot.  None of these comes "gently used."  I was pretty pumped about the items below that I found a two separate garage sales today.

And lastly, this fun little item.  Who does not love a Polaroid camera?  Now, I just hope I can find some film for it.

Sully in his "new" toy heaven.

Lucky boy:)

Thank you for all of you that have taken time out to read my blog and listen to my thoughts.  Also, thanks for you comments and feedback.  I love reading them!  Have a great Saturday!!

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