Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Time

Well, I have been thinking about starting a blog for awhile now.  So here I go.  I really should have started the blog while I was pregnant because I had so many experiences that were too funny not to share.  Now, as a first time mom, I know that those embarrasing, hilarious moments will not cease to happen and I would love to have an outlet to share them with all of you!  Also, I love to try new crafts and projects that I would like to share as well.  One of the things I enjoy doing is finding treasures at thrift stores and garage sales.  Just today, I convinced the hubs to go with Sully and me to Goodwill just to look around.  Here are some of our great finds today.
Yup, a sit n spin, 2 hot lunch trays and a vintage-y desk lamp.  Sit and spins are not easy to come by these days.  I fondly remember my childhood sit and spin, it was blue and I was super good at it!  Sully will have soooooo much fun with this little yellow one!

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