Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life with Sully

Here is a little taste of my little Mister in action.  He is so very full of life it truly amazes me.  I can't believe he grew inside of me (my body really out did itself, don't you think:)).  Everyday brings more giggles, screams, squeals, smiles and the hugs (along with hair pulling, nighttime feedings and the rare Grumpy Gary sighting).  The little man is only 7 1/2 months and I already know so much about him. 
Sully loves:
-cuddles from his Mama
-original songs sung by his Daddy (especially those that contain swears or inappropriate content for children)
-orange vegetables
-any fruit
-his blankie
-sleeping on his belly
-being read to
-being naked
-looking at himself in mirrors (he found the mirror on his exersaucer yesterday)

Sully hates:
-green veggies
-any food with any sort of texture (I may be pureeing all his foods until he is 18)
-getting strapped into his car seat
-getting his top teeth brushed

Other Sully facts:
-he has 5 teeth (working on a 6th)
-he is an early bird, up for the day around 5:45 am-everyday!
-he is not crawling or pulling himself up yet but he is scooting backwards
-he is not sure about the sippy cup yet
-he spits his food in my face when he decides he is done eating (his newest and my least favorite physical feat)
-he is a little guy (13th percentile for weight and 26th for height at his 6 month appointment)

If you become a regular follower of this blog, you will be hearing a lot about this little Mister as he is my greatest accomplishment and such a joy.  Eventually, I will post his birth story and the seemingly long struggle to get pregnant at all.  I will also be posting some information about hemagiomas (strawberry birth marks) like the one Sully has on his left forehead (for those of you out there with questions about them).

Hope you all had a great Tuesday!


Sarah said...

I love your new blog, Mama Bird! I can't wait to show Travis tonight. We were thinking about your family on the Fourth of July, and were jealous we couldn't see Clayton's famous fireworks show. Did it happen again this year? Much Love from DC.

Mama Bird said...

Oh yes! Clayton's firework spectacular was in full form with the Zong Song playing on continuous repeat in the background!