Monday, July 11, 2011


Picking a blog name was very hard for me.  I wanted something that I would not get sick of anytime soon.  Originally, I wanted Mama Bird since that is what I feel like when feeding Sully.  He is so funny, he just sits there with his mouth open, like a baby bird, waiting for me to feed him.  He doesn't even try to grab the spoon or the food...yet.  Anyway, that name was taken.  My next thought was something about a nest since the blog was going to be about our home life- decorating, parenting, etc.  The best thing I could think of was Making Our Nest.  I know, it is not the most exciting, original name, but I can eventually change it if I think of something more fun.  I even grilled the hubs about a name.  I loved his suggestion, but I thought was too long.  It was "Bored Housewife Activites for the Working Woman."  What do you think?  Should I go with his suggestion?