Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mom jewelry

My little man is eight months old today!!! 

Lets see, it has been eight months since I slept through the night, eight months since I didn't have drool or spit up on my shoulder, eight months since I found out what it takes and means to become a mother, eight months since my heart was all mine.  It has gone by so slowly but also lighting fast simultaneously.  It has truly been life changing in every way.  The most difficult and the most rewarding, wonderful journey at the same time.

Also, it has been eight months since I started sporting mom jewelry.  I never thought I would be the one to get any mom jewelry as I thought that was too cheezy for me.  However, when I took Sully in for his 2 week appointment, one of the receptionists at the check-in desk had a coupon and ad next to her keyboard for The Vintage Pearl.  Naturally, I am a nosy person so I cranked my neck so I could see what it said and looked like and saw the following:

hand stamped jewelry

I fell in love with the style on the right immediately.  I went right home and ordered my Sullivan necklace with (ugly) yellow birthstone as soon as I got home.  (Believe it or not, when I went into labor on November 26th, I briefly mourned the fact Sully would have the ugly yellow Topaz gem (same one I have and Clayton has) for his birthstone instead of the pretty blue one I thought he would have).  Here it is:

I have been wearing it ever since, constantly, like not EVER taking it off.  I would highly recommend the product to anyone.  Check out other designs at  If you sign up for their newletter, they will send you specials and occasionally 20% off your order.  Ok, I am going to go squeeze my Sullymon.

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