Friday, July 15, 2011


I like to find projects for myself that I really am not at all qualified to do or have any experience with whatsoever.  Here is my latest one:
 This ugly chair I got for $20 from a garage sale recently.  I have ripped off the ugly upholstery, cut my pieces of fabric that I am going to use to re-upholster the chair with and now I am just waiting for the motivation to finish the project.  Actually, I have to borrow my parents heavy duty staple gun to finish it which I am hoping to get my hands on next weekend.  The chair is ridiculously comfortable, rocks and swivels.  I have never re-upholstered anything in my life but I figure it is worth a shot on a $20 garage sale find.  I will post a pic of it when I am done.  (No the lazy, evil cat did not come with the chair, she has always lived in our house and loves to claim any new chair I bring into the house as her own.)

Ah yes, and here is my granola girl self coming out in the form of making homemade baby food.  I used to scoff at those moms that made their own baby food before becoming a mother myself.  Now I understand the strong urge of a mother to do anything to ensure your child gets the best of everything (AND I felt super guilty for not doing this myself when a friend of mine was making her own child's baby food in a seemingly effortless fashion).  This friend told me, "its easy, just boil the (insert vegetable here) until it is soft, put it and some of the water you used to boil it in in the blender, freeze in a muffin pan or ice cube tray and you are done."  Oh geez, how stupid of me that I could not figure that out on my own.  I decided to use a food processer since I had one and didn't know what else to use it for but to making guacomole dip.  I made sweet potato puree, mashed potato puree, pea puree, peach puree and carrot puree.  Turns out babies don't like mashed potatoes (who knew?) and the carrots and peas don't get ground up enough for Sully to eat them without fake puking on the texture.  He does love the sweet potato puree and peach puree though.  So I am batting about 40% on this little venture.  Not too bad.  Although, for the most part, I feed him store bought, perfectly healthy Gerber baby food (and I am still an excellent mother).

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Susie said...

You sure are an excellent mom. I thought yesterday's blog educating people about hemangeomas was so great. Love the baby food making story and the upholstering idea. Years ago I upholstered six antique dining room chairs (not knowing what I was doing either), and they turned out super. It's fun figuring out how to do stuff. Usually solutions come from using common sense.