Thursday, August 11, 2011


It is mid-August and it is almost my most favoritest time of year....fall and football season!!!  The first pre-season game is on tonight as a nice teaser for the season.  I will be watching all the pre-season games to scout for my fantasy football team.  I have a little time to scout since our draft is not until Labor Day.  It will be my third fantasy season and I actually placed 3rd in the league those two years.  In our league, 3rd place wins you your entry fee back so I have yet to lose any money on the deal. 

This particular fall is special for two reasons.  One, we will be welcoming my new nephew any minute now.  What a great way to start a new season, with a new family member!  And two, this is the last season in Sully's "year of firsts."  I can't believe he will be 1 year old soon!  I have actually been thinking about his first birthday party and what traditions I want to start.  Now that I have done this motherhood thing for a short time, I realize how truly special your baby's first birthday is, for you as much as the child.  It is amazing how much a baby grows and learns in one short year.  But it is equally amazing how much you, as a parent, adapt and change as well.  For instance, I don't think I could even, as much as I want to, sleep 7 or 8 consecutive hours without waking up and looking at the clock and wondering when Sully will need a bottle, I have not napped after work since going back to work after my maternity leave, I have a permanent backache from lugging that damn car seat everywhere, my daily chores now always include bottle and sippy cup washing, laundry has almost doubled, I have only been woken up by my alarm clock about twice since going back to work, there is not a moment in my day that I do not first think of the little Mister and how my decisions will affect him and because of that I finally started to take medication for my high cholesterol (which has been high since my early 20s).  Other family members lives have changed, too.  Our dog has not been to the dog park since the beginning of my pregnancy and we even forgot her outside one evening while we were so wrapped up with feeding/bathing/adjusting the crib for the Sul.  Our neighbor rang our doorbell and told us she thought our dog was thirsty (aka why are you such terrible pet parents and forget your dog was outside on a hot evening??).  Oh and our cat (wait, we still have a cat?) would probably like to fire us from litter box duty.  It is a miracle she has not started to just poop and pee all over the house in protest.  Ok, I am done rambling.  Are you ready for some football?????

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