Sunday, December 2, 2012

The stockings are hung...

I hung the stockings on the stair railing because I just didn't feel like hanging them on our fake fireplace this year.  I also didn't feel like getting out all of the fake garland and lights this year so the stockings dress up this area where the garland and lights usually go.

I set up the tree and put the lights on it on a Monday.

 Then, on Wednesday, we decorated.

 Like a fool, I had grand expectations about us trimming the tree as a family while jamming out to some Christmas music.  In reality, it was spend mostly scolding a 2 year old who saw my vintage bulbs as balls that you need to throw really far while the men's Badger basketball game played in the background.

Sully decorates trees in a "cluster" fashion.  He just kept throwing all the bulbs on the same spot of the tree.  Such a boy...

 Here it is with all the ornaments in place.

 (Yes, I did make that tree skirt by sewing strips of burlap and white fabric to my old tree skirt.)

But sometimes more is better so I could not possibly stop there.  I had to add some ribbon.  And feathers.

 Love, love, love!

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