Saturday, February 9, 2013


I am going to be perfectly honest here.  I have not been able to stop messing with these shelves.  The hubs totally called me on it today, too.

Every single thing with the exception of one urn-like item I found in my house.  Unfortunately, I just don't have enough books and crap to fill the spaces.  Don't you feel bad for me??

The bottom has really not changed much with the exception of adding a few blankets to the right side. It is really working great to have the open shelves.  Sully just goes and picks his books out, no problem.  He also turns around the airplane, bus and truck on the middle second shelf so that they are facing the wall (I have no idea what that is about).

The top still needs some love.  But I am trying to hold off until we get the lights in on Sunday.

Also, I can't stop listening to the Lumineers.  You will recognize this song from the commercials for Silver Linings Playbook (which by the way, the song in NOT in the movie- super disappointing).

PS- this is happening today...
If you feel so inclined, click on it and check it out.  Harper's dad, Andrew Bohacek is plunging for Special Olympics!!

Happy Saturday!!

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